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What Is The Somatic Nervous System?

The component of the nervous system referred to as the somatic nervous system (SNS) plays a key function in initiating and controlling nearly all movements that are not voluntary within the body. This peripheral nervous system comprises the system of somatic nerves. Both operate within the autonomic nervous system but in distinct ways.

The ANS is responsible for auto-pilot functions, such as heart rate and breathing, that don’t require conscious thought. The SNS is the one responsible for controlling the bulk of the conscious movement in the human body.

The general rule is that the SNS regulates signal transmission from the brain to the spinal cord. The SNS communicates with the muscles and brain as well as the central nervous The body’s voluntary motions and reflexes are regulated by the nervous system (brain and spinal cord).

Theoretical vs. Autonomic Systems

The autonomic and somatic nervous systems are connect to the peripheral nervous system. It is able to allow the brain and the spinal cord to transfer information to different areas of the body. But, they also perform various roles.

The autonomic nervous system regulates the various bodily processes that occur, such as the circulation of blood, heartbeat, respiration, temperature, and emotional responses.

The principal function of the nervous system is to link the nerve system of the central nervous system with the muscles in the body to regulate the body’s voluntary movements, as well as reflex arches.

Imagine running through parks in the early morning. As you run, you see the slippery and icy patches across the roadway. Your eyes detect the ice, and the information is relay to your brain. The brain relays signals to muscles, which trigger the muscles to move.

Conditions that can affect the Somatic Nervous System

Somatic nervous system illnesses can affect peripheral nerves that are not connect to the brain or spinal cord. Peripheral nerve fibers, which form the basis of somatic nerves, are affect by diseases that cause peripheral nerve fibers to be affected. In the majority of cases, it results in numbness, discomfort, and weakness in the hands and feet, which can be the source of nerve injury.

The reason for the damage to peripheral nerves, which comprise the somatic system, might be illnesses that are present at birth as well as acquired illnesses.

Diabetes is one of the most commonly mentioned reasons for peripheral neuropathy, but it could also be caused by infections, immune disorders, and injuries.

The following are examples of somatic nervous system disorders:

Brachial plexus neuropathies

Guillain-Barre syndrome

Myasthenia gravis

Compression syndrome in the nerves

Trigeminal neuralgia

Injuries to the SNS

Since it is the SNS that has the responsibility for receiving sensory signals as well as motor movements. Muscles weaken, become numb, and even become painful.

The most prevalent reason for neuropathy in the PNS is the ageing process. However, the damage could result from an autoimmune disorder, injury, or even trauma. Nerves damaged by trauma can affect the function of the efferent and afferent routes of the SNS.

A lot of conditions that impact the control of motor and sensory functions are cause by an imbalance in three of them: the CNS, the PNS, and the muscles themselves. Due to the variety of functions performe by these three areas (SNS, PNS), these conditions can be confined to a specific area of the body or generalized and widespread.

Certain illnesses can arise from issues with the axons, which join to neurons (axonal neuropathy) or result from problems within the myelin sheath (demyelinating neuropathy), which is the neuron’s outer layer of protection.

This is why motor neuron disorders are caused by the loss of neurons. This is the reason they are a neurological disease. In time, the muscles of the affected person weaken and result in a decline in performance.

The disease Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is auto-immune, causing the degeneration and destruction of the neuronal system that provides peripheral areas and causes numerous motor and sensory problems.

Therapy for Somatic Symptom Disorders

People who suffer with SSD might be influence by the notion that their symptoms stem from physical reasons, but there’s no evidence to show that it’s not a physical issue. If it’s an issue with the body, it’s likely to be the cause of the symptoms, though they’re not sure why. They may not even be aware that the amount of stress that they’re experiencing is too high.

A strong doctor-patient bond is crucial to receiving help to treat SSD. One healthcare professional familiar with treating SSD can assist in cutting the number of unnecessary tests and procedures.

The main purpose of treatment should be to improve living conditions, not only alleviate symptoms. The reduction of stress is usually the most important factor in achieving recovery. The ability to coach your loved ones and family members could be beneficial.

Cognitive-behavioral therapies can assist in the treatment of symptoms cause by SSD. The therapy is focused on repairing

It appears as if the thoughts are hazy.

Unrealistic ideas

These behaviors cause anxiety.


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