How to Fix Brother Printer Error TS-02?

Brother Printer Error TS-02

Since the introduction of Brother printers users have been able to improve their printing experience. Many people are using the devices to produce high-quality prints. Although Brother printers aren’t as troublesome however, there are times when the error TS-02 could occur.

In the end, users may encounter difficulties when making use of this Brother printer. This issue usually occurs when the printer is unable to identify it as a WLAN connection. A malfunctioning router could result in Brother printing error message TS-2.

Additionally, it could be due to the use of defective cables inside the router. Replace the cables and restart the router from the beginning. Sometimes, this can help to resolve this issue with your Brother printer. Set the access point for wireless on the router. It will reactivate the wireless connection to the printer. Also, restart the router to get rid of this issue. If these suggestions do not work, call our Printer Repair Dubai experts.

Potential Reasons Behind the Brother Printer Error TS-02

This issue can occur when connecting the Brother printer to another device. There are numerous reasons for the occurrence of this Brother printer error TS02. Corrupted or damaged Windows system files could result in this issue. A failed printer installation is another reason behind the Brother Printer error. Even if you’ve installed a printer that is not compatible which could result in an error code TS-02.

Because of corrupted or missing entries in the system file The printer will not recognize the router. In addition, if you’ve removed any device the issue with printing could be a problem. So, finding the source of this Brother printer error TS02 may be difficult.

Easy Solutions to Fix Brother Printer Error TS-02

Do you know the reason Brother printer error message TS-02 displays on the screen? The wireless router is unable to connect to the printer’s network address. In the end, users receive”connection failed” message “connection failed” message. This is why it is crucial to have a reliable router in order to resolve this problem.

Think about connecting the router’s cables to the correct port. If you notice that the weak Wi-Fi signal Contact the provider of your internet. Verify that you have activated the wireless router correctly.

After that, press your “WLAN” button of the Brother printer for a couple of minutes. Verify if the printer is showing the error message for connection or it’s not. If a message TS-02 appears, you can follow the below-mentioned troubleshooting techniques:

Start by checking the WLAN Connection

In the event that the connection is not working then it will be displayed on the printer’s WLAN report. There, you can also verify whether the connection is working. Click”Menu,” then click on the “Menu” button first to download your WLAN report. Then, you can access to the “Print Reports” option, by pressing the keys up and down. Look for”WLAN” and select the “WLAN Report” option from the options then.

If you do so, you can tap on it using the upward and downward Arrow keys. Hit”Yes” to print the report “Yes” button to print the WLAN report. Go into the “connection” section of the WLAN report. If the status of connection appears to be “OK”, the printer is connected to Wi-Fi. However, if it’s showing “error: TS-02”, take a look at disconnecting the WLAN access point or router.

For a minimum 8-10 seconds then reconnect the plugs for the second time. The router should be turned on and then try connecting to the printer. The error message won’t show any further on the printer’s screen. However, if Brother printer error TS-02 appears, you should contact Printer Repair Dubai experts.

Uninstall and Reinstall Printer Driver

Drivers for printers that are corrupted or not compatible may conflict with the wireless router/point. The removal of these drivers will resolve this issue. Brother printing error, TS02. Install the compatible driver for your printer and configure the Wi-Fi connection. Do you know how to remove the Brother driver? Begin by turning off the printer and then you can open “Control Panel” from the Start menu.

Then, go into “Hardware and Sound” and select “Devices and Printers”. Are you able to find your Brother printer model in there? Right-click the correct model number , and then select “Remove Device” from the list. When you see the “User Account Control” window appears, enter the proper password. Be sure to hit the “Yes” button after that.

After that, go to “Fax” from the “Drivers and Printers” tab. There is “Microsoft XPS Document Writer” in certain Brother printer models, rather than “Fax”. Go to this section, then tap the menu, then select “Print server properties”. In addition, you must access the Brother printer’s “Drivers” tab. Select “Change Driver Settings” and choose the appropriate driver’s model number.

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What else is required to be completed?

A window will pop up on screen, select “Remove” and then “Remove driver and driver package”. Select “OK” and go through the instructions on screen to complete the driver removal procedure. Then, visit the Brother’s official website and look at the “search bar.

Enter the Brother model number of the printer driver and then click “Download”. Take a couple of minutes until the most recent Brother printer drivers are installed on the device. Then connect the printer to the WLAN router or WLAM point. After that, the Brother printer error TS-02 will not show any further.

Alternative Ways to Fix Brother Printer Error TS-02

If the suggestions above did not solve the issue, you should uninstall this printer program. Did you turn on the MAC filtering option on the WLAN access point or router? Make sure that the MAC number of your Brother printer isn’t included there. It is possible that you have put the Printer’s MAC address on the blacklist. This means that the Brother printer cannot connect to the WLAN access point or router.

Visit the Network Configuration page, and then remove your Brother Printer’s address from the page. This will erase the TS02 issue from your Brother printer. However, if this does not solve the problem it could be because you provided an incorrect SSID or security information. Make sure you enter the correct Wi-Fi credentials and print without issue.

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