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What is the rental agreement?

A lease contract is a document that goes probably as an arrangement between you and your occupant, portraying the points of interest of the inhabitant. You can have it written in a manner that is ideal for you since you can choose what goes into the understanding.
Most tenant agreements are short periods of time, similar to month-to-month, while lease agreements are generally for longer rental agreement periods, similar to a half year, a year, or more.
A rental contract is a keen idea, accepting you need to guarantee your lessee is strong on the other hand if you’re renting a room in a house where you’re dwelling. It’s less complex to end a month-to-month residency than a long lease.
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There are some terms and conditions that one must include in his/her rental agreement

Identify the parties to the agreement and the address of the property you own. Make sure you include the name of every tenant living at the property and their contact information. Include your name and contact information and the address of the property. Describe the property if it doesn’t have a number. For example, if it’s a room in a house, you can state that the property is the “third-floor bedroom” if there’s only one bedroom on that floor. Be precise.

The term of the tenancy and how it ends

List how long the term is, such as a month-to-month rental or a three-month rental. Start the rental term on the first of the month. Include how much notice you and the tenant must give if either of you wants to end the agreement. Check with an attorney or your local building department about specific laws governing how much notice of termination you and the tenant must give for short-term or month-to-month agreements.

Rent and security deposit

State how much the rent is per month and where and how the tenant should pay the rent. If you’ll take credit cards over the phone, state that. If you want the tenant to send a rent check every month, provide the address. Include the amount of any late fees, but make sure they’re not excessive. Also, list the amount of the security deposit. Check with your local building department about limits on how much you can collect for a security deposit and late fees.

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What’s included with the rental. State whether you’re providing any utilities, such as electric, gas, heat, and cable. Alternatively, state the tenant’s responsibility for utilities. Be clear about what’s included in the rent and what isn’t. If you’re providing appliances and furniture, list them by names, such as a dishwasher, stove, refrigerator, bed, and couch.


State whether pets are allowed, what types, how many, and what, if any, extra charges apply. State clearly that the tenant cannot bring any other type of pet if you want to limit the type of animal. You can also choose to have a no-pet policy. State that in the rental agreement.

Each occupant’s name and the number of occupants.

If you don’t want additional occupants, state that the tenant is the only person allowed to occupy the premises. List all occupants and state, for example, that no more than two people may occupy the rental. State that this agreement is between you and your tenant only and that the tenant may not sublease or assign the rental.

Landlord’s access to the property for repairs, maintenance, and inspection.

State what notice you’ll give to enter the premises for repairs other than emergency repairs. Many local communities have their own notice requirements, while some states have consistent requirements throughout the state, so discuss this with your attorney or local building department. State that the tenant’s failure to give you access to needed repairs is a ground for termination. Also, state what the tenant is responsible for repairing.

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