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How to make an awesome first impression when selling your home?

Home is not just a house it is a place. A house is just like a shelter where you live but you don’t love it. Home is where you love to live because you have your belongings in it, the toys that you grow up with your childhood memories, and many more things.

Even if you move to another house, you still have these things which will remind you of other homes that you have lived in.

Having an upgraded lifestyle is a dream of everyone. If your property gives you sales profit then It can help to achieve your dream for a better house.

An open home is your chance to create the perfect first impression. It’s like a first date with your prospective buyer – it’s your chance to really wow them and win them over.

From the moment the buyer arrives on your doorstep, they need to feel so good about the environment and atmosphere that they want to make it their own.

While it’s common knowledge to clean and DE clutter how you do capture a buyer’s attention in a way that’s immediate and long-lasting?

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Here are some tips and tricks to give your home a wow factor so that it stands out from the competition:

  1. First sight last

First impressions are a big deal, so make sure the front of your house (and access) is as presentable as possible. Add a greenery-filled planter box by the front door, water blast the concrete, wash the front of your house, or give it a touch-up coat of paint. A new letterbox is an inexpensive way to make your place look a million bucks from the street.

  1. Showhome

You want your home to have ‘personality – as long as its nature is open and well mannered, rather than a melancholy hoarder. It’s a good idea to keep things neutral, tidy and clean. Home staging can be costly but will provide the right furniture and accessories to make your home look fresh and modern. If you prefer not to invest here, at least keep surfaces clutter-free.

  1. Look back and front

A home is not just four walls. Buyers are looking for a property that offers the most potential for them and their families. Mow lawns, remove any dead branches, and prune trees and shrubs. You could even dedicate an area of the existing garden to a veggie patch, by adding some easy-care herbs and other plants for an instant effect.

  1. Modernize and minimize

Consider a coat of neutral paint on dated feature walls, higher wattage lighting to give the illusion of light, and change out dark curtains. Remove all unnecessary furniture and personal items, and don’t stuff drawers and cupboards – potential buyers might want to check out the storage opportunities.

  1. Quick fix

Now’s the time to tackle unfinished repairs and projects. Tidy up any niggling bits and pieces like leaking taps, blown bulbs, and chipped paint. Major repairs may not yield the return on investment you’re after, so factor that in before embarking on a (do it yourself) DIY adventure.

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Delivering potential buyers to your door when selling your home is a huge marketing success story. Maintaining and impressing potential buyers in the short amount of time they spend at your open home can really cement their decision to progress with their buying journeys.

Your open home is the moment to make a memorable impression so that you get the best chance to sell your home fast for a good price.

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