What is an Emblem Logo Design?

An emblem logo design is a symbol that expresses your participation in the industry, the ideas you hold, and the values ​​you share. On the other hand, the logo has a promotional function. Emblems do not seek to increase sales. However, you can effectively use emblems to identify your competitors and gain your audience’s attention. 

Who needs an emblem?

Emblem logo design has different applications. Universal and flexible, used for marketing and non-commercial purposes. Who uses emblems today?

1. Military agencies

From time immemorial, emblems have become an organic part of the army. Over time, military-related companies such as security agencies and airlines have borrowed this tradition.

2. Sports clubs

Emblems are also common in sports teams and camps that use mascots (animals, funny characters, etc.) to express their identity and emphasize their values.

3. Construction and transport companies

These companies place emblems on special clothing/uniforms, building facades, and corporate transport (cars, planes, cargo ships, etc.).
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As you can see, emblems are less important than logos. Many organizations cannot replace them, from private companies to established sports clubs to the military. In the next part of this article, we will discuss the most popular surfaces on which you can place your character.

When and where do you use an emblem?

Before creating an emblem for your brand or personal brand, think about where you will display it. Once you resolve this issue, you can increase the effectiveness of your branding. We’ll give you some tips on where you can place your emblem for maximum effect. 

  • Apparels

Thanks to advanced technology that you can use, you can, for example, place emblems on anything on your apparel—sports uniforms, advertising clothing (T-shirts, hats), etc.  

  • Merchandises

The emblems usually appear on the product packaging. This is a useful application because you promote the product while protecting it from counterfeiting. 

  • Outside advertising

Emblems are often seen on facades, signs, billboards, and even cars. It’s a great way to grab the attention of passers-by and find the location of your office or store. 

  • Published items and web design

Business cards, calendars, brochures, and other printed items are often used for displays and emblems. In addition, an attractive emblem can adorn any website. 

What Makes a Good Emblem?

Before designing an emblem, you need to learn some golden rules to make your artwork beautiful. 

  • A good sign has a simple and clear icon and an easy-to-read sign. Remember to place your emblem on clothes, flags, buildings, and various faces, so ensure your emblem is measured. In addition, it should not contain small elements, bright colors, or elegant fonts.
  • Save your design in vector format so you can easily edit it as needed. In addition, the vector emblem provides the best combination of text images.
  • Use neutral, soft colors (blue, white, gray, black, etc.) that will not distract or annoy your potential customer. Use one or two base colors and two additional shades tops.
  • Scripture is something you should never ignore. Use your emblem to check what your font looks like. Will it remain legible? I prefer minimalist fonts without unnecessary embellishments such as scrolls or spirals. Also, make sure that your font size matches the size of the other elements of your icon. 


Overall the main purpose of this article is to spread the Concepts of Logo Design, especially for emblem logo design. And also telling the benefits of using emblem hence more and more people can use emblem logo as much as possible.

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