1 Vs 2 Carat Diamond Ring: Which One Is Worth Buying?

For most people, buying a diamond engagement ring is not less than winning a battle. The availability of different sizes and styles could put one in a dilemma while selecting. However, size is the major consideration to keep in mind. It matters when choosing between a 1 vs 2 carat diamond ring. So, if you are not sure to pick the best one, this post can help you a lot. It mainly focuses on the different carat weights of the diamond. So, let’s take a look at some important points to keep in mind while choosing your ring.

Look at diameter

Are you just considering a 2 carat diamond ring due to its enlarged size than 1 carat? If yes, then you are not making a worthwhile decision to buy your dream ring. Surprised! Let’s make the point clear. 1 and 2 carat diamonds can look similar depending on their cut. The diameter for a 1-carat diamond will be 6.5 mm. But it does not mean that 2 carat diamond would be 13 mm. The weight of a diamond is not measured as per its size. But it is calculated as per its carat weight. It mainly lies in the depth of the stone which is greater in a 2-carat diamond than 1 carat.

The cost

Cost is the total price value of the diamond that you must not forget to match. The price difference in these carat diamonds is different. You can find a 1-carat diamond with a good cut and clarity for around 6000 dollars. Now you might think that 2 carat diamonds with similar traits would cost you 12K, right? The price for a 2-carat diamond would start from the least price of 20K. The reason is not its weight but also its rarity. If you consider the availability of a 1 vs 2 carat diamond ring then you will easily get access to 1 carat. This means that demand for smaller stones is greater than for larger stones.

The quality

Do not forget the main trait of the diamond which is its quality. A 1-carat diamond ring with proper cut, color, and clarity would cost you under 10K. The same diamond quality with 2-carat will be available at double the price of 1 carat. But you can also consider a 2-carat diamond with poor traits. However, you can save money but the value will not match your expectations. You can consider lab-grown diamonds for saving money. These are artificial diamonds available with similar physical properties to natural diamonds.


You must consider the purpose of buying the diamond first. Do you want it for your love or keep it as an investment? No matter, whether you spend huge on a 2-carat diamond, you will not get an increased price value. If you think that you can sell it for more money than the initial cost, it is impossible. The depreciation value will be considered for the diamond. However, you can keep it as an investment for your upcoming generations.

To sum up

Hopefully, you have understood the 1 vs 2 carat diamond ring comparison. Now, you will be able to make wise decisions for your choice. Spending for both the rings is a wise decision as you can have good value even for smaller gems. But, if you want to showcase the diamond, then 2-carat is a good choice. Both sizes are perfect and will show your love and care for your beloved.

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