What is a gas turbine? Advantages and usage

A gas turbine is a burning engine that creates the mechanical energy by converting the natural gas or other liquid fuels. Moreover, this energy then drives a generator to produce the electrical power. This turbine has emerged as a reliable for the power generation, transport, and various other applications.

Regarding the gas turbine controls’ applications, many gas turbines range from 1 to 10+ meters. However, the gas turbines come in various forms, from moving tanks and the helicopters to energy generation and the manufacturing activities.

Moreover, this turbine generator is a combination system of a compressor, turbine, and the generator. First of all, the air intake is dense by the compressor. Moreover, a fuel combustion process will heat this compressed air.

This hot and high-pressure air expands in the turbine so that the turbine is rotating and creating a thrust force. However, the compressor uses this thrust force and the drives the electrical generator. Additionally, the electrical generator then produces some electricity or electrical power for the further use.

There are some subsystems of the gas turbine system, the lube oil system, the fuel gas system, and the fire, gas detection, and the suppression system. Therefore, the lube oil system’s purpose is to grease all the bearings in the turbine.

Advantages of Gas Turbine Power Plant:

  • The operating speed is high in this plant.
  • A gas turbine power plant requires less space.
  • In this plant, there is no smoke combustion has happened.
  • The capacity of work produced for 1 kg of air is high in this plant.
  • It has higher mechanical efficiency.
  • In this plant, the lubrication process is simple.
  • Capital price is less compared to other power plants.
  • This plant has high reliability.
  • In gas turbine controls, there is no problem with ash content.
  • Required maintenance is less than another one.
  • At the time of operation, these plants are more flexible.

Know about the gas turbine system:

This lube oil system uses a lube oil cooler to dissipate the heat of the lube oil that comes back from the turbine bearing. Moreover, in this turbine system, the temperature regulator and pressure regulator valve control it’s temperature and pressure of the lube oil.

The gas system’s purpose is to regulate the fuel supply to reach the combustion process efficiently. Moreover, it filters and controls fuel supply before further use in the combustion process.

The fire and gas detection and suppression system best detects any flame or gas accumulation in the turbine skid enclosure. 

Gas Turbine Generator Control and Safety System

The gas turbine dealer generally supplies a complete package of their turbine generator. However, it includes all field instruments, fire and gas detectors, and a devoted PLC for the GTG control and safety system.

Several process variables must be monitored and controlled by its dedicated PLC turbine temperature, exhaust temperature, fuel gas pressure, air intake pressure, fuel gas flow, lube oil temperature, enclosure flame detection, enclosure gas detection, etc. Moreover, it also has several control functions, such as start-up and shutdown control, etc. 

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