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Water Purifier Service of Many Forms and Their Purposes

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Water purifier Service is a must. They make our water clean and safe by filtering and removing any impurities like chemicals, pesticides, metals, viruses and bacteria. Water purifiers can also prevent the spread of waterborne diseases. Using a water purifier can improve the smell and taste of our water, and is more environmentally friendly than bottled water. Purifying the water you bathe in is beneficial, as water with impurities and contaminants can irritate sensitive skin. Filtered water can also be good for your garden, as the chemicals in tap water may not sit well with your plants. Purified water is usable in fish tanks, for cooking, for medical and dental practices, in car engines and in humidifiers/dehumidifiers. For water purifier service just search RO Service Near me and you can book appointment. In this article, we’ll explore different water filtration options to remove pollutants from your water.

Water Distillation

One of the simplest and oldest ways of water purification is water distillation. The water is first boiled and evaporated. The water vapor is then cooled so that it can condense and collect, leaving you with only pure water. Certain things like salt, magnesium, calcium, fluoride, chlorine and lead can remove it. Distillation water can sometimes be a lengthy process and may not be the preferred option for some people. Some chemicals and compounds will vaporize with the water, which means it will end up in the distilled water, so not everything will be completely filtered out.

Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier | Aqua Fresh Service Center

Reverse Osmosis (RO) water purifiers are also a great way to filter water. With this method, water is pushed through a filter, applying pressure to the filter to trap all the dirty stuff, giving you fresh and clean water. Aqua fresh RO system is considered to be one of the best RO water purifier system with the RO service at Aqua Fresh Service Center.

Activated Carbon Water Purifier

Activated carbon water filter is also known as charcoal water filter. They use blocks or granules of activated carbon to absorb chemicals and remove pesticides, chlorine, pharmaceuticals, metals. This process of purifying water can improve its taste and get rid of any unpleasant odors. However, some activated carbon water purifiers do not remove things like arsenic, cysts, bacteria and asbestos.

Ceramic Purifier

Ceramic purifiers allow water to seep through the tiny ‘pores’ of the ceramic filter. Which basically block and trap the impurities in the water. Ceramic filters sometimes have an activated carbon core to filter your water more efficiently. Ceramic filters are reusable. Although they will need to be replaced after a while.

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Ultraviolet Water Purifier

Ultraviolet water purifiers use high-frequency light to irradiate water and kill viruses and disease-causing pathogens. They also soften water and do not use any chemicals. Ultraviolet water purifiers can be somewhat expensive as they require electricity to function. They do not remove minerals and sediment, so ultraviolet water purification may have to be combined with another filtration technique.

We regularly underestimate how important water is to us and how often we use it; After all, our body is made up of 60% water and the Earth’s surface is covered by 71% water. There are plenty of options for pitcher filters, countertop filters, shower filters and tap filters and under sink filters. To avoid any illness or potential problems, it may be a good idea to invest in a good water purifier. Having an AquaFresh water purifier service near me in your home will mean that you will have ample amounts of safe water.


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