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Which water heater should you choose for your home?

A water heater is basically an appliance that is used to heat water above its ambient temperature. This water is mainly used for domestic purposes. There are mainly two types of water heaters – storage water heaters and instant water heaters.

Difference between storage water geyser and instant water geyser

An instant water heater or geyser will heat up the water as soon as it is turned on. On the other hand, a storage water heater will take around 5-20 mins to heat up the water. Instant water heaters are smaller in size and take up less space on the wall. They have less storage capacity as compared to storage water heaters.

Storage water heaters consume more power than instant water heaters. So if you want that electric bill to stay low, storage geysers would be a better option.

Instant water heaters can supply 3-6 liters of hot water at one time. Storage water heaters on the other hand can store up to 25 liters of hot water. So if you live in a cold climate, have a large family, or like taking long hot water baths, a storage water heater will be the right choice.

Water heater brands

Here is a list of some of the best water heater or geyser brands

  • Bajaj
  • Crompton
  • Havells
  • Racold
  • AO Smith
  • V-Guard


If you are a family of 2 members, then an instant water heater with a capacity of 6 liters will be good enough. For 3-4 members a storage water heater with a capacity of 10-15 liters would be ideal. For larger families, a storage water heater of 25 liters would be ideal. Instant water heaters would not be useful for large families simply because of their low storage capacity.


You would not only want a water heater or geyser that takes up less space on your wall, but also one that has an elegant design. A water heater with a thermoplastic outer body will ensure that there is no corrosion on the surface. For safety purposes, the geyser must have a fire retardant cable.

There are certain geysers or water heaters that cannot withstand high water pressure. This can be an issue if you live on a high floor in a high-rise building. If this is the case, then you need a water heater that can withstand high levels of water pressure.

A water heater with a high-watt copper heating element can heat the water faster. Make sure to check this feature when you decide to buy a water heater. Other important safety features to keep in mind would be a thermostat with high precision and pre-set thermal cut-out which would ensure safety in case of voltage fluctuations or power cuts.

Most water heaters come with a led indicator that turns green as soon as the water becomes hot. The geyser must be shock-proof and rust-free. Apart from safety features, it must also have features that make it user-friendly.

Storage water heaters are usually bigger in size as compared to instant water heaters. Therefore, you may want to opt for a compact design. The above-mentioned aspects and features will help you select the ideal water heater.

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