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Medical vs. Non-Medical In-Home Elderly Care U.K.

When it comes time for a loved one to receive in-home care, the decision of whether to go with a medical or non-medical provider can be difficult especially if you’re looking for an elderly caregiver in the U.K

Both types of providers offer their unique benefits, so it’s important to understand the differences before deciding. This article will discuss the key differences between medical and non-medical in-home care.

Medical In-Home Care

Medical in-home care is provided by nurses, doctors, and other licensed medical professionals. These providers offer medication management, wound care, and IV therapy. 

They also often have experience caring for patients with specific conditions, such as dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Medical in-home care is typically more expensive than non-medical care, but it can be a great option for seniors who need extensive medical attention.

Non-Medical In-Home Care

Non-medical in-home care is provided by caregivers who are not licensed. Medical professionals. This type of care usually includes basic tasks such as bathing, grooming, and meal preparation. 

Non-medical caregivers often have experience working with seniors.  And are familiar with common age-related conditions.

Major Difference

So, what’s the difference between medical and non-medical in-home care? Licensed professionals provide medical in-home care and offer extensive medical services such as pharmaceutical management, wound care, and IV therapy.

They also often have experience caring for patients with specific conditions. Medical in-home care is typically more expensive than non-medical care, but it can be a great option for seniors who need 24/7 assistance and help with their deteriorating health conditions. 

Benefits Of Medical In-Home Care:

  •         Extensive medical services
  •         Care for patients with specific conditions
  •         May be more expensive than non-medical care
  •         Great option for seniors who need extensive medical attention

Benefits Of Non-Medical In-Home Care:

  •         Provides basic home health care and safety procedures
  •         Can assist seniors with ADLs
  •         More affordable than medical in-home care
  •         May not be appropriate for seniors who need extensive medical attention

What Is Included In Medical In-Home Care?

Medical in-home care can include services such as:

  •         Nursing care
  •         Physical therapy
  •         Occupational therapy
  •         Speech therapy

What Is Included In Non-Medical In-Home Care?

Non-medical in-home care can include services such as:

  •         Companionship and home helper services
  •         Meal preparation
  •         Transportation to appointments
  •         Shopping and errands
  •         Light housekeeping

It’s important to note that non-medical in-home care does not typically include personal care, such as bathing and dressing. However, some home health agencies may offer this service at an additional cost.

Which Type Of In-Home Care Is Right For Me?

That depends on your individual needs and situation. If you need extensive medical attention, medical in-home care would be the best option. If you only need assistance with basic ADLs, non-medical in-home care would be more appropriate.

How Much Does Non-Medical In-Home Care Cost?

Non-medical in-home care is typically less expensive than medical in-home care. However, the cost will vary depending on the services your provider offers.

Can I Still Receive Medicare Or Medicaid If I Choose Non-Medical In-Home Care?

Yes, you can still receive Medicare or Medicaid benefits if you choose non-medical in-home care. Providers who offer this type of service are often familiar with and certified to work with these programs.

How Much Does Medical In-Home Care Cost?

The cost of medical in-home care varies depending on the services provided. However, it is typically more expensive than non-medical in-home care.

What If I Need Both Medical And Non-Medical In-Home Care?

If you need both medical and non-medical in-home care, it’s best to work with a home health agency that can provide both types of services. This will ensure that you have continuity of care and that your needs are met.

Does Insurance cover medical And Non-Medical In-Home Care?

Medical in-home care is typically covered by insurance, while non-medical in-home care is not. However, it’s important to check with your insurance company to understand. What is and isn’t covered if you’re considering in-home care.

How Do You Know You Need Medical or Non-Medical In-Home Care?

The best way to determine if you need medical or non-medical in-home care is to speak with your doctor. They will be able to provide a recommendation based on your specific needs. If you are not sure where to start, contact a home health agency in your area for more information. There are a few general signs that may indicate you need in-home care:

  •         You’re struggling to take care of yourself or your loved ones due to illness or old age
  •         You don’t have anyone else who can help you with basic needs like bathing, dressing, and grooming
  •         You live alone and are unable to leave your home without assistance

How Gives You the Flexibility to Choose?

One of the great things about in-home care is that you have the flexibility to choose what type of care works best for you. If your needs change, you can always switch from medical to non-medical or vice versa. This gives you the peace of mind that your care will be tailored specifically to you.


We want to conclude that in-home care is a great option for those who want to maintain their independence while still receiving the care they need. Whether you choose medical or non-medical care, you can ensure that you will receive high-quality service from qualified professionals.

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