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Tips for Maternity Photo session; make memorable

Maternity photo sessions are the way we capture memories and memorable times in our life. Of course, you will take a gazillion photos of your little bundle of joy once the baby is born. Maternity pictures seem to be a growing trend, but you think it is more than that. Also, pregnancy is a particular time in a mother’s life and deserves careful attention.

The following is a list of poses or compositions and their respective backgrounds that you can try out. Feel free to experiment with maternity photo session near me and change to help fully express the inner beauty of your subject.

  • The Belly

Just try out silhouettes of the mother’s belly on a black background. Experts recommend a bare belly, but a white shirt will work if the mother is modest. Next, incorporate the parent’s hands on the stomach, either clasped or forming a “heart” over the belly. You can also introduce other props, such as a baby outfit or tiny booties, to refer to the little one on the way.

  • The Mother

Soft light colours can bring a sense of purity and divinity to a maternity photo capturing the connection between mother and child. Try poses where the mother looks down at her belly with her hands enfolded around it. Let the mother explore different maternity poses; it is not the first time she has gazed down and pondered the new life breathing inside her.

  • The Father

Father had a part in all this and should not be left out. First, however, try pictures of him holding her baby belly or, for something more intimate, him kissing her belly or laying his ear to it to try and hear a heartbeat. Be sure the mother wears a tight shirt that shows off her tummy!

Some Vital Factors of Maternity Photography

If you know the gender, you can incorporate the appropriate colours too. For example, have the mother paint her nails blue or pink or include a ribbon around the belly like a gift from God. It is essential to have fun with it and try to make it your own. However, every baby, pregnancy, and couple is different; show that off through a maternity photo session near me!

There are several professional maternity photographers available both online and offline. Moreover, from the expecting mother, clothes, location, and photo poses play a crucial role in a maternity photoshoot. Following are some most vital factors affecting a maternity photography.


A professional photographer will surely guide you about the various poses you can do in the photo shoot. You must pay heed to his directions but prefer your comfort too. Maternity poses will vary as per the environment’s location and background setting. You can bring more freshness to the maternity photographs by bringing curtains, sofa covers, hairstyles etc.


Usually, the choice of the outfit is going to depend upon the location of the maternity shoot. Therefore, the kind of dress will vary depending on whether it is an indoor shoot or an outside one. Moreover, the dress wants to be casual and comfortable.

You will find a wide range of outfits available for pregnant mothers in stores, else you can get them custom-made from the nearest tailors.


Natural locations, including parks, open fields, trees etc., are preferred for a maternity photo shoot. However, many expecting mothers prefer an in-house photo shoot as they are more comfortable than the outside ones.

Lastly, whether you have in-house or outdoor maternity photography, the photos must reflect your natural living style, culture, and emotions. The images must touch your heart and should be full of emotions. There are many choices of dresses, locations and poses for you; thus, professional advice is essential.

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