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Guide For Using Coloured Smoke Bombs on Christmas Events

Coloured smoke bombs have become a popular trend in the past couple of years because these are a great way to add a blast of vibrant colours to your photoshoot. Almost everyone likes them and use them as an essential fun part during their big events. However, most of them don’t know the proper way to use them. In this guide, you will learn the right way of using coloured smoke bombs on your happy events.

The Rise In The Popularity Of Smoke Bombs

Lately, the trend of smoke bomb photography has exploded in popularity. And there is no way to question it because we have seen those cool shots. Coloured smoke bombs are used to create an interesting and powerful background. It creates a stunning and colourful atmosphere a good photographer requires to achieve captivating effects. Coloured smoke grenades UK are now one of the primary tools for doing wedding photography.

Things You Need To Know About Using Coloured Smoke Bombs

If you have never used coloured smoke bombs before and considering setting up a photo shoot with them on your happy event, here is everything you should know about using coloured smoke bombs.

Smoke Bombs Make Your Photos Vibrant

Many photographers have enough experience with smoke bombs. Colourful smoke bombs can add aesthetics to your photography and make them exciting. You can capture photos with a white or black background to enhance the texture of smoke in your photographs.

You Might Need Help To Set Off A Smoke Bomb

Exercising care is important while using smoke bombs. Therefore, it is important to ask for a second set of hands while creating a colourful background for a photoshoot. by this way, you can pay more attention to your photography. Ask your friends or family members to hold smoke bombs so can have an extra pair of eyes for monitoring.

Smoke Bombs Can Cause Stains And Sparks

Like sparklers and other minor fireworks can cause burns, smoke bombs can also cause burns and stains. It is important to pay enough attention to the direction of smoke while holding a bomb. If you stand too close to it, they can also cause stains and burned holes in your outfit. So, decide the outfit while keeping this in mind, or you can leave the shoot for the day after the event.

Safety Tips For Using Smoke Bombs

Using coloured smoke bombs are fun and exciting, but it doesn’t mean they are completely harmless. If you don’t know how to handle smoke bombs, it might result in dangerous consequences. If you are considering a shoot with smoke bombs, follow these safety tips to avoid unwanted accidents like choking or burning.

  • It’s better not to use smoke grenades if you are planning a baby shoot.
  • Avoid taking photos in a too dry place.
  • Choose your outfit by keeping in mind that smoke bombs will stain everything in the way.
  • Don’t hold the smoke bomb too close to your face, it may cause burn.
  • Use a second hand to carry smoke bombs if you want a smoky background.
  • Don’t take photos in public areas as people might hate getting covered in stains.
  • Do not use smoke bombs indoor
  • Make sure the smoke is not pointed towards the outfit of your model
  • Avoid using smoke bombs on too dry grass as it can catch fire.
  • Look for flammable objects while lighting smoke bombs to avoid mishaps.
  • Buy the smoke bomb after knowing its burn time.
  • Last but not least, pour water on the used bombs to avoid explosion.

Ideas To Create Outstanding Photos With Coloured Smoke Bombs

Once you know how to handle coloured smoke bombs, you will be able to take the photos you want. Here are a few ideas to capture stunning photos with this tool.

  1. for clear and minimal effects, take photos in front of a black or white background with a coloured smoke bomb in hand.
  2. If you don’t want to use a background, you can create your own by placing a coloured smoke grenade in the background.
  3. Use your creativity and create surreal images with the magical smoke.
  4. Place the smoke bomb inside or behind the object to capture the image where smoke is coming out of an object.
  5. Capture the moving smoke bomb to improve your action photography.
  6. Use a smoke bomb during the golden hour and capture some stunning pictures.

Final Words

Coloured smoke bomb can be used in a variety of lighting situations if you want to take good photographs. They are versatile, affordable and full of fun. Moreover, using smoke bomb are safe. No matter what is your photography genre, you can always take your photography to the next level by using coloured smoke bomb. However, keep in mind the safety tips while enjoying your event with this tool.

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