SuiteCRM BCC Archive update CRM Customer history automatically

SuiteCRM BCC Archive (Premium) is a Best-of-breed Product for every CRM business. No misplacement of any of your crucial Conversations and everything will be updated on time. A single piece of confusion? Not at all! 

Still not crystal clear what it is and how it is most superior for your Business departments? Join us on this guided tour to know everything including its Functions and current Pricing plan. 

BCC Archive Definition

Putting simply, this Plugin of SuiteCRM software helps in saving the entire conversation of your client Automatically. You don’t need to update one by one in your SuiteCRM. This add-on is powerful and intuitive enough to save a copious amount of time for every individual. 

Best of all, you can strive for any communication channel to talk to your precious client. Every conversation automatically gets stored in your SuiteCRM History with no error. SuiteCRM BCC Archive Extension is for Unlimited users and it is compatible with every version of the SuiteCRM system.

How it is Awesome for Your CRM Business Departments?

We have a Great Story uncovered here. People always crave to know such things to make decisions of purchasing anything. 

A few months ago, we saw a post in the SuiteCRM community:

“I need a Great Product for my CRM system which can keep full control of my Business conversation. I used tons of communication channels to reply to my clients about my business services. And after replying, I always update the conversation history in the CRM separately. If I miss this, my team replies to that client and believes I didn’t reply to the client. This whole thing creates a big confusion not only in our team but also in clients. Please share something for this.”

Surprisingly, we saw many replies on that post where people said “we also need help for this situation”. To make their CRM software more exceptional and profitable, we talked to that prospect separately. 


We replied “We were on the same boat earlier but now my business is using SuiteCRM BCC Archive (Premium) Extension. Investing here is worth it because it automatically saves and updates the conversation in the History of CRM. No matter whatever channel you prefer, your team will always get to know that you replied to them. Your role is to use (just an example) in BCC. This Plugin will scan easily and update everything in Real-time. Use it today!” 

The person trusted us and without thinking more, he purchased this Product from us. He used Lite and Premium versions both, but he liked premium more because of the extra key functionalities. His company is away from all confusion now. Wherever he talks everything gets updated and his team gets aware of it. 

We remember his words about our product “The identity of thriving Business is adding top-notch Products. BCC Archive is one of those that is taking his business to new heights. Many thanks to you!” 

  • The current Pricing of BCC Archive is $550.00
  • A user can start with a 3 Day Risk-Free Trial

Some more Eye-catching Functionalities that are very helpful

We believe purchasing decisions should be made based on the benefits. So, this plugin has a lot of outstanding functions. Such as-

  • The First is Real-time synchronization. This Product after your purchase will update everything on time. You will not feel like the product delayed updating the customer Conversation history. 
  • The second most noteworthy function is it scans CC, BCC, TO, FROM, Subject, and Body. It is necessary for your company if the plugin scans all these to update automatically. So, that’s the second unrivaled function. 
  • Another critical feature of BCC Archive (Premium) is a user can set numerous Inbound Settings. Not only one but also a user can add more than one email archiver address in BCC. 
  • A user can archive the BCC Email address in any SuiteCRM module. You know many so choose according to your choice. This extension can even scan email inbox after every 1 minute. 
  • Like if you see the Important email of your client is attached to the History, a Notification will appear to alert the user. A great way for security purpose. 

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