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Stylish Lattice Fence Panels for Your Garden

A fence panel doesn’t have to be plain and boring; they can be stylish and add character to any garden, without breaking the bank or causing too much hassle when installing. With trellis panels, you get a fence panel that will support your climbing plants, so you can grow more varieties of plants in your garden than ever before, plus make your garden look more attractive. Plus, lattice fence panels can be manufactured from pressure-treated timber, meaning no need to retreat them regularly either, saving time and money on maintenance in the future.

What Are Trellis Fence Panels?

Made from pressure-treated timber and cut to a consistent length, you’re able to use these panels as garden fencing. As a result of their distinctive shape, they look great when supporting climbing plants, such as roses or wisteria. They also add visual interest to your garden and are typically used by professionals. If you’d like to install Trellis staket panels in your garden yourself, then you’ll find they’re easy to work with and cost-effective too.

Why They Are Such A Great Choice For Use In The Home

Why They Are Such A Great Choice For Use In The Home

Trellis fence panels are actually one of our most popular products at Trellis Direct. We regularly receive feedback from customers thanking us for their exceptional quality and functionality, which we don’t take lightly – it’s a huge compliment when you trust us to supply your garden with something as key as its boundaries. Our lattice panels are manufactured using pressure-treated timber, meaning they don’t require any treatment before installation, saving you time and money.

What Are The Different Types Of Trellis?

Due to their versatility, lattice panels are one of our most popular garden fence panels. They can be installed in your garden in a variety of ways and look great from every angle. Whether you’re using them as a privacy barrier or to create extra structure and formality, we have garden trellis panels to suit your purpose. Here are just some of our favorites

When Can I Install My New Garden Trellis?

When Can I Install My New Garden Trellis?

A Garden trellis can be installed at any time, you can start growing climbers on it straight away. However, we do recommend fitting them out with a suitable and quick-growing climber as soon as possible after installation. This is simply because it gives you more time to enjoy your new garden fence panels! Also, once plants are established, they will help support your garden fence panels by stopping them from moving or blowing over in windy weather.

Do I Need To Treat My Trellis Before Installing?

Trellis fence panels are manufactured from pressure-treated timber, there is no need to retreat them either, saving you time and money. Treated wood lasts up to 30 years in gardens exposed to extreme weather. Treated timber must be protected from high winds, direct rain, and the frost by being buried into or attached to a wall.

How Much Does It Cost To Have A Garden Trellis Installed?

How Much Does It Cost To Have A Garden Trellis Installed?

liggande staket inspiration is not only stylish, but it can also be very effective at keeping unwanted pests and animals out of your garden. To decide on how much it will cost to have a fence panel installed, you need to consider several factors including

Where Can I Buy A New Garden/Trellis Panel?

You’ll need to head down to your local DIY store, garden center, or fencing specialist to purchase your Trellis panels. There are a few different designs of Trellis panels out there, so you should have no problem finding them. Just give one of our friendly team a call and we can help you find what you’re looking for.

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