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How to Shop for a No-Hassle Door Bug Screen

When you’re looking for that special invisible barrier to protect your home. You want to make the right call. If you live in a climate that has any kind of insect population you know firsthand how important a screen door can be. You see, your home is your castle. It’s your sanctuary. It’s the one place of respite on the planet, where you feel like you are truly safe and comfortable. That’s why when you’re looking to protect your peace from bugs, and other pesky invaders. It’s important to have high standards when it comes to your door bug screen. You need something with a high level of quality that will create a seal around your castle. Something that lets you enjoy the breeze on a hot summer day. Something that also defends your home against all manner of vermin. Now, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking. “Sure, I need a screen door, and yes I need it to be a high-quality investment. But what in the sam-hill am I looking for in a screen door?” Do not worry. Because I’ve created this incredible guide, to all the ins and outs of a screen door. And what you need to look for, so that you feel confident enough to seal the deal for your outdoor living space!

Make Sure It’s Mesh!

The first thing you need to look for in a screen door is put simply enough. The screen! A door bug screen with a nice and semi-flexible mesh screen is the thing to look for when you want to protect your home from insect invaders. A screen door with a tight mesh weave not only keeps the bugs out of your house. But it lets the air in! This also has the added benefit of helping with your heating and cooling bills. When you’re examining you’re examining your screen door. And you want to inspect the actual screen. Pay close attention to two things. First, take a look at its mesh weave. Is it tight, or does it look a little rushed like it was moved sloppily through a production line? If the weave is satisfactory, then take notice of the hemming around the edges of its frame. Are the cuts tight and uniform? Now, this may sound silly to you, but trust me. What you’re looking for when you’re paying attention to these clues. Is that someone who took the time to make this door? That even though there is automation in its manufacturing process. There is still a human eye giving the screen a quality check before it gets out to the public.

Scope The Seal!

When you’re looking for a screen door the last thing you’ll want does not to seal properly. That’s why you should always take an extra look to make sure that the seal your door creates is a solvent one. I can’t tell you how many times I have personally seen screen doors that get so warped they don’t even fully close anymore! And when that happens, you’re playing a losing game to the bug battle that’s going on right outside. For your door bug screen, consider getting one that has a magnetic seal. This is optimal because the magnet creates a seal that is impossible to warp, and will maintain its integrity for the foreseeable future! When you’re stuck with one of those mesh screens that rides on a track outside your door. You’re stuck with an older mode of design that is frankly out of date. Getting a screen door with a magnetic seal that can be mounted anywhere, is the way to bring your outdoor living space into the 21st century!

Picture this: It’s a nice relaxing Sunday afternoon. It’s in the middle of July and it’s hotter than an oven in your house. All you want to do is cool down, but the air is too expensive. And leaving your door open let’s all the bugs in. You’re stuck in a conundrum wondering. What’s a fella to do? Well, that’s easy! Investing in a screen door that you can install yourself quickly and efficiently is the best thing you can do in this situation. Having a screen door benefits a person’s life in countless ways. But primarily it lets you cool down. It lets you enjoy the fresh air. It lets you ask your wife if she wants any of the tea you’re making in the kitchen while she’s out in her spice garden. And most importantly it keeps out the bugs. If that sounds like a little slice of heaven to you too. Then, partner, we are cut from the same cloth. That’s why I suggest installing a screen door into your home today! Don’t wait for a second longer. Update your outdoor area today!


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