Scaffold Banners – Inspected For Print, Sizing, Materials, and Durability

Scaffold banners, also known as scaffolding banners are banners that are print and generally made of pockets that are design for poles. Pockets that are place on the sides and the bottom make it easy to install by sliding over poles that are attach onto the scaffolding.

Scaffold banners come in many designs and we print them in any size. Scaffolding banners may also have eyelets and hems, rather than traditional pole pockets. Eyelets and hem are our preferred method of finishing larger banners.

We also have a reinforced hem, which is perfect for extremely large banners and wrappings for building. The reinforced hem is an added layer of reinforced material on the edges of the banner, thereby increasing the hem’s toughness and overall durability.

Why Do I Require A Banner For A Scaffold?

Scaffold banners are a great chance to promote your scaffolding business or construction company. Companies that develop use scaffold banners to advertise a new home or renovating project. Utilising the estate agency boards to promote branding is a great marketing strategy and should not be ignored. Scaffold banners are economical, durable and reusable.

What Is The Best Kind Of Banner For Scaffolding?

The ideal for sale boards for your requirements will depend foremost on the angle from which your banner is viewed. Larger banners for scaffolding are better appropriate for mesh material due to its less wind load properties.

Larger banners function as sails that are blown by the wind, therefore it is recommend to select mesh materials that let air flow over the banner’s surface. Smaller, smaller scaffolding banners of about 2-4 square metres can be constructed from Single-sided high-quality PVC or Block-out banners.

Block-out banners are either double-sided or single-sided, depending on your needs, using block-out material that gives the greatest force.

Double-Sided Scaffold Banners

Sided scaffolding banners are perfect for displaying your company’s branding on two sides. Double-sided scaffolding signs printed on light-stop blocking-out material is a way to ensure that light doesn’t reflect off the banner.

Double-sided scaffold banners can be extremely sturdy, and are printed on a highly durable material that weighs 650gsm and provides excellent levels of rip-resistant. We are able to supply Double-sided scaffolding banners, with pole pockets, hems and eyelets.

For sale boards for estate agents are ideal to produce smaller banners, so do not exceed 5m sq. It is possible to print scaffolding banners that are larger than 5m square however we recommend printing them on mesh. The larger mesh-sized banners have a lower chance of getting damaged from wind or extreme weather conditions.

Banners For Scaffolding That Are Heavy-Duty

Heavy-duty scaffolding banners resemble the identical to double-sided scaffolding banners. The only difference is that the Heavy-duty scaffolding banners are printed one-side which means the reverse is white.

Mesh Scaffold Banner Printing

Mesh scaffold banners work great to use for huge scaffolding banners as well as customised building wraps. With a mesh-printed surface, you can reduce the pressure of wind on your banner. With a printed surface made up of thousands of small holes, mesh scaffolding signs are ideal for banners that must endure harsh weather conditions.

Larger banners are better suitable for mesh since the wind that hits the banner can traverse the mesh, causing less wind load. A lower wind load allows banners to be printed more large without the wind’s effects of destruction, caused by strong winds.

For scaffolding banners or large construction wraps that require more airflow, then we suggest using the air mesh material for banners. Air mesh can provide an average of 2.5 times more wind flow than regular mesh, which means it’s a great choice for bad weather.

PVC Banners For Scaffolding With A Single-Sided Design.

Our regular PVC scaffolding banners. Cost-effective PVC construction banners that are ideal for medium to small-sized banners.

The banner material is strong and comes with eyelets, hems and hems, as well as a pole pocket. Ideal to purchase in bulk due to its cheap price, making it perfect for scaffolding projects for a long time and also provides great advertising value for a reasonable price per unit.

How Can You Make The Banners On Scaffolds Last Longer?

As with everything else in life the to let board only last as long as they are taken care of. To prevent your banners from fraying, make sure that your scaffolding banners are tightly attached to the scaffolding.

Banners that are not properly fit can tear and flap. If a banner is attached properly, it shouldn’t flop in the breeze. If a banner starts to flap, it’s because it’s scratching something. The banner might be rubbing against the poles that are running through the pockets for poles that eventually wear out the sleeves.

Also, a banner that is loose could be bouncing off an object or similar. If you stop the motion, you’ll stop the wear and tear on your banner. Clean your banners following use using a damp cloth or similar. Cleanliness reduces the accumulation of dirt and grime. 

How Do You Create A Banner For A Scaffold?

When you design a banner for scaffolding it is essential to keep the layout clear and simple. There is a tendency to be distract by adding tiny accreditation logos and similar but from an advertising viewpoint, is this really necessary?

Be aware that your scaffold banners are likely to be seen from an extend distance. Therefore designing a banner which is straightforward and clear is crucial. The most effective scaffolding banners include the name of the company and the phone number.

Why Is It Necessary To Inspect Scaffolding?

Scaffolds are a type of access utilise on the majority of construction sites, in one form or an alternative. 

In new constructions, renovations both inside and outside and roofing work. Scaffolding can be use to create an uninvolve working platform at a height. But, working at height poses a risk. In 2017/18, there were 35 fatal falls resulting from incidents at heights.

Falls from heights were also responsible for 8 percent of all reported non-fatal injuries under RIDDOR according to the HSE statistics.

The Scaffolding Should Be Inspected When It Is Constructed.

Scaffold inspections must be perform every few months by a competent person and the timeframes for the time when these inspections be carry out are stipulate through the Work at Height Regulations.

Since scaffolding is equipment use for work, rules require inspections after the installation or assembly. At regular intervals, and at every opportunity which could compromise the safety of the scaffold.

What are suitable intervals? The regulations have been generous enough to inform us of what acceptable intervals are for example, when scaffolding is use for work.

  •         Once assembly is complete or install, it can be place, it is possible to place in any place
  •         In exceptional circumstances, which could impact the safety of the equipment

In reality, it’s not just scaffolding that needs to be covere by this inspection system. The inspection rules apply to any platform that is use for construction work that could cause a person to fall over 2 metres.

The outcome of the inspection may result in the conclusion that the structure is secure and work may continue, or the scaffold is dangerous and action is need. If action is necessary the work must be stop, and the access restrict until the scaffold is transform into a safe place.


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