10 Advanced Search Engine Optimization Questions That Employers Ought to Ask During Interviews

1. When deciding on an optimization strategy, what kinds of data do you take into consideration?

Strategies are not conceived up on the spur of the moment; rather, they are created and mapped in accordance with analytical findings. It is probable that a potential SEO list of services candidate will have a way that they like for gathering and interpreting data as well as applying it to a campaign.

This question gives you a glimpse into the thought process that your interviewee uses while developing strategies. It can be an indication of how inexperienced the person is if they don’t feel secure about where to go for this information.

2. What would you consider to be the top five SEO tools?

The Very Best SEO Tools

Tools for search engine optimization are essential to the success of any campaign. Even the most seasoned marketer has a multitude of useful tools under their sleeve that may help them do their job better. The purpose of this inquiry is not to judge the quality of the applicant’s tools or to evaluate how they stack up against your own; rather, it is to determine whether or not the prospect has a toolkit that they feel at ease with.

You may learn more about the reasoning behind the selection of the tools and how they fit into a marketing plan by requesting a description of them. The nature of the project being worked on will determine which applications and programmes are necessary. There is a limitless supply of them, ranging from Searchmetrics to BuzzStream, so this question ought to be an easy one to answer.

3. Can You Give Me an Example of a Regular Workday at Your Office?

You now have the opportunity to evaluate how autonomously an individual might perform during an average day on the job. What actions are conducted during an eight-hour shift to guarantee the success of the project and the pleasure of the client? Which applications or tools are used, and in what sequence does everything need to be completed?

The response to that question will be different for each person, particularly when comparing responses from different departments. A marketer whose primary emphasis is on the content of social media will provide a response that is distinct from one who manages the distribution of email and newsletters.

The goal here is to establish whether or not this individual will need a significant amount of supervision and training, or whether or not they will do well working independently.

4. Would you be able to tell me about the most recent changes to the algorithm and what those changes mean for potential customers?

Google’s search algorithms

There is no guarantee that an SEO effort will be successful on the first attempt. The manner in which a marketer deals with defeat is really illuminating. You may elucidate more on this topic by asking the following questions:

Have there been any efforts taken to improve the situation by analysing the data and conceiving of alternative courses of action?

Have you considered it more of a learning experience than a setback, and if so, what exactly did you take away from it?

What steps did you take to ensure that this problem would not arise again when you ran your next campaign?

5. Have You Ever Witnessed an Attempt at SEO Failing? What was your response to that?

When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), there is nothing more vital than being current on the adjustments Google makes to its algorithm. This is due to the fact that Google is such a significant factor behind the achievements of digital marketing.

Between January 2018 and January 2019, Google maintained its dominant position in the market for search engines, accounting for 74% of all online searches. Therefore, the quality of the content, the visual aids, and the connection with customers is irrelevant to the success of your company. If it is not up to date with the most recent algorithm, then it will not be effective in raising the search engine rank.

Aspiring search engine optimization (SEO) marketers need to be aware of everything from Panda and Possum to Penguin and the Mobile-First Index Roll Out.

6. What is the value of a backlink, and how can it be of assistance to a customer?

It should come as no surprise that a backlink is just what it sounds like: an external source that connects back to a customer’s website. Your interviewee must to have sufficient expertise to describe the significance of these relationships and the procedures necessary to make advantage of them. Understanding how many visitors a site should have and where those visitors originate is also critical to its success.

For instance, a research that was conducted and released by found that domain diversity had a significant effect on rank. Backlinks are most beneficial when they come from a number of different sources, as opposed to just one or two. This indicates that location is more important than quantity when it comes to the importance of linkages.

7. How important do you think it is to have a presence on social media when it comes to running a successful marketing campaign?

Over the course of the last decade, social media have taken on an entirely new function within the context of digital marketing. After a company’s landing page, it serves as the second point of contact for certain marketing professionals. Others see it just as an additional location at which they might cross-post a blog. Some people take their use of social media to such an extreme that they schedule their posts for certain days and times.

For instance, the best times to post on Facebook are from one to four o’clock in the afternoon on Thursday and Friday, and from one to two o’clock in the afternoon on Saturday and Sunday. That is the time of day when customers are the most likely to interact with and share the information you provide. If your marketing firm is ahead of the curve when it comes to social media, having an employee that is knowledgeable in this area might be advantageous.

  1. 8.How Frequently Do You Conduct Keyword Research? Which Tools do you typically employ?

Research on various keywords

An important factor in the success of an SEO specialist is their level of research. Candidates should be able to provide an explanation of their typical search behaviours as well as a few tools that they find most useful. It makes little difference if they utilise SEMrush or the keyword tool provided by Google, as long as they use anything. You might ask them about any recent popular words or search keywords that they maintain on file as a follow-up inquiry.

This should be a simple question to answer seeing as how the majority of marketers have a spreadsheet or some other document tucked away with helpful keywords.

9. If you want to have a career in search engine optimization (SEO), you need to keep up with the latest SEO news. What are some blogs that you follow?

It is not enough for a marketer to wait for SEO news to be sent to their email; they actively seek it out. Blogs about SEO assist to provide valuable information and forecasts, both of which have the potential to significantly enhance a campaign.

For instance, the networking company Cisco forecast that by 2019, videos will account for 85 percent of the entire internet traffic in the United States. Many marketers were able to rearrange their client campaigns as a result of this, including more graphic material, to better stay up with trends.

If the prospective employee desires a job in search engine optimization (SEO) but hasn’t been keeping up with any blogs yet, now would be a good time to start. Even if the answer to this one isn’t quite game-changing, it’s still important to be aware of it. If you both like reading certain blogs, this can be an indication that the two of you might get along well together.


10. Have You Ever Collaborated on Optimization with a Software Developer?

Writing code for a website

Certain marketers are capable of everything, even the development of a website. However, there are developers available to make sure that SEO tips are heard and appropriately applied for individuals who are unable to do it themselves. Ask your prospect why they haven’t worked with a developer in the past, and see whether they are open to the possibility of doing so.

The process of search engine optimization (SEO) is analogous to a machine with many gears and cogs. The machine will come to a halt if the gears and wheels are unable to spin in unison. Your staff members need to have discussions with a variety of additional specialists, such as authors, videographers, social media managers, and website developers. They will increase their chances of success by being more forthcoming with one another in their communication.

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