Reasons to Use an Employment Agency in Abbotsford

If you’re looking to fill a position in your Abbotsford business, you’ll likely want to use an employment agency to find the right candidate.

The decision isn’t an easy one and requires plenty of thought, but once you’ve made it.

who are specifically interested in working with agency candidates.

there are several advantages that can help your business as well as your employees. Here are just five of the benefits of using an employment agency Abbotsford for your hiring needs.

How do they help you find a job?

Employment agencies get paid when you find a job, which means that they’re motivated to help you succeed. They provide tips and coaching along with a network of potential employers.

Employment agencies also know how and where to advertise your profile.

Meaning that they can reach thousands of prospective employers (instead of just sending out a blind resume).

This can help ensure that your resume is more visible than your competitors.

Finally, employment agencies work on contingency—meaning that they don’t get paid unless you do.

So, if it turns out that one particular company isn’t right for you, there’s no financial risk involved for either party.

How do they negotiate salary?

An employment agency negotiates salary on your behalf. When you meet with temp agencies in Surrey, tell them what range of salary you’re hoping for, and they can use their knowledge of local companies and market rates to find opportunities that meet your expectations. They’ll also take care of negotiating compensation—which means less stress on you. It’s another reason why using a temp agency Abbotsford is great if you don’t have much work experience: they can advise you on how much to ask for! What is their hourly pay? Hourly pay depends on both employer and employee preferences. Some employers prefer paying per hour; others prefer offering fixed salaries, regardless of whether employees work full-time or part-time hours.

How do they help with the interview?

They often have more established business relationships than independent job seekers and may be able to get your resume noticed by employers before you’ve had time for a traditional cold-calling campaign.

If you’re just starting your job search and don’t have many contacts, a staffing agency may be able to help with that, too.

And if you use their employment agency in Abbotsford, they can even arrange for interviews for you with local companies. What could be easier?

So, if you’re coming from out of town and need somewhere to stay temporarily until you find employment, make sure an employment agency is involved in your move!

How do they help with finding housing?

Finding housing can be a pain, especially when you’re new to a city or area. An employment agency can help by finding you suitable housing and connecting you with job opportunities.

How much does it cost to use their services?

A staffing agency does cost money, but if you want a more professional job search experience and expert guidance through your resume development and interview process, it’s worth paying for. An employment agency Abbotsford will cost anywhere between 10-40% of your first year salary (that’s around $500-$3,000).

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