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Real estate tokenization – Blockchain business model for property owners

The global capital of the real estate industry was more than $3 trillion in 2021 and is currently at the fastest pace of 5%. China and the U.S together make up 40% of the total global real estate capital. The market slowed during the pandemic of 2019 but has started to recover faster, with many investors interested and participating in the market. Even though the market is globally huge and has the largest capital turnover in the world yet is very hard for amateur inventors, traders, and entrepreneurs to partake. These issues are the building blocks of small time investors  interested but restricted by many factors. The Real Estate Tokenization eliminates all these limitations with blockchain technology and ensures all participants, regardless of their experience, can partake in the global market easily.

Real estate tokenization – Properties with blockchain technology

Real estate tokenization operates on blockchain technology with NFTs. NFTs  used to represent ownership of any real-time or digital assets. The NFTs are irrevocable digital records that can neither be changed nor erased. They can be transferred by users using a peer-to-peer smart wallet. Investors have started to invest in NFTs to enhance the value of their asset portfolios with rare collectibles.

Real estate tokenization is an innovative strategy that integrates blockchain technology with real estate assets for global sales. Tokenization helps asset owners raise funds more successfully by providing investors unlimited access to private real estate assets with complete transparency, ownership, and security. Blockchain technology transforms real estate from an illiquid to digital and liquid investment. A few years ago, it seemed impossible to imagine owning parts of properties and transferring them frequently without paying significant transaction .Real estate tokenization has made this possible through the implementation of blockchain technology.

How does real estate tokenization operate?

Any real estate asset  tokenized includes retail, residential, and exhibition buildings. Similar to crowdfunding in the blockchain world, real estate tokenization uses a smart contract, an automated program built into their ecosystem, to mint the asset into digitized tokens. Anyone who buys or owns a real estate token has a stake in the actual real estate asset in the real world. Holders of real estate tokens have control over the underlying asset and associated profits. With tokenization of their real estate holdings, one can mint their assets and raise funds for projects easily on a global scale. It facilitates investing and permits the subdivision into tiny pieces of valuable commercial real estate, such as malls and shopping centers. Skyscraper apartments with multiple stories  tokenized to speed up sales and allow a huge number of investors .

Real estate tokenization categories

Commercial properties tokenization

Tokenizing commercial real estate for businesses using legal protocols is known as commercial tokenization. It allows commercial property owners, such as office spaces, shops, etc., to sell their assets globally using blockchain technology.

Household properties tokenization

Household tokenization divides residential real estate assets as fractional ownership for investors and asset owners. It helps small-time sellers to make a profit from the market by digitizing their assets in the blockchain realm.

Owners of real estate properties

The property owners partake in the real estate tokenization process by digitizing their real estate assets in the blockchain network. They convert their real-world assets into digital form and then list them on the platforms for easier sales.

Tokenization platform

Real estate tokenization platform is developed using blockchain technology. The platform has participants actively engaging in the market for various activities. The activities include – investing, buying, selling, or trading digital assets. The platform provides all services for owners and buyers of real estate assets to execute transactions.

Investors or buyers

They partake in the real estate tokenization platforms to perform activities mentioned above. Investors look for projects that benefit them in the long run. By doing so, they can resell their tokens in the future for a better profit.


Benefits of Real estate tokenization

  • By being transparent, secure, and irrevocable, blockchain transactions are perfect for the real estate industry, which has many parties and intricate processes. 
  • Tokenization has made it possible to increase the value of any asset and overcome its lack of liquidity by exposing the asset to a global audience. Real estate’s liquidity rises when it is fractionalized and sold through tokenization. Owners of tokenized products can instantly transfer ownership by selling their tokens without selling the entire property.
  • Due to blockchain deployment in real estate tokenization, small-scale and individual investors can now purchase real estate, which has changed the business. Tokenization breaks up large assets into tiny fractions, making them accessible and affordable for all interested buyers.
  • The real estate industry introduces a trustworthy, transparent, highly secure financial system using blockchain technology. Every stakeholder has control and the entire network participant votes regarding any updates. The real estate market is streamlined, and everyone has an equal chance to develop.
  • profit by removing time-consuming restrictions.


Every step of traditional real estate sales take time and is complicate for buyers and sellers. Real estate tokenization eliminates all limitations and complexities, and the procedure is faster. The world is eagerly awaiting the next advancements in digital assets like cryptocurrencies and NFTs because of their amazing benefits. Real estate business owners have a great opportunity to enter the digital world of real estate tokenization services.


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