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How do I set up Netgear extender and configure its settings

NETGEAR wireless extenders and routers can make a perfect balance in terms of their features, performance, and value. Netgear is providing excellent devices. From a gaming device to streaming, you get in it. It satisfies all demands of your home and its Wi-Fi network with multiple varieties of routers and extenders. It helps to boost your WIFI signals, eliminating the entire dead zones. You set up Netgear wifi extenders to get whole-home mesh WIFI coverage. NETGEAR was the first brand to introduce the world’s fastest wireless WIFI router. It is one of the best and the latest evolution of a legacy of innovation in the array of wireless routers and modem routers by Netgear. Your homes now have multiple devices with stable WIFI signals.

Services you get through the Netgear installation assistant 

On this particular page, we have mentioned the Basic setup process. You can use these steps to log in to most of your Netgear extenders. The Netgear wifi extender setup instruction in this section will help you log in to all Netgear extenders, like AC2200, EX6110, EX2700, EX3700, EX6100, EX3110, etc. By chance, if you are stuck somewhere during the setup Netgear extender process, then call our technicians or send us messages through chat heads on this page. We have also mentioned some common errors and issues faced in your Netgear wifi extender setup process. For any related query, contact us anytime for 24×7 hours.

Follow the instructions below to set up the Netgear extender: –

  • Get an Ethernet cable and connect any one of its ends to the LAN on the existing gateway.
  • The other end will be linked to the WAN port of the device.
  • Connect the modem to the Netgear wifi extender using another Ethernet cable via the WAN port on your modem.
  • Connect the same Ethernet cable on your router to access the Netgear wifi extender login page.
  • You can also use the default IP address of your router.
  • Once the router, modem, and computer have to get connected and then launch a web browser.

Follow the instruction to login into your Netgear wifi extender

  • In this section, go to the search engine tab of your browser.
  • Here, you should type the web address
  • Or you can type to access the wifi extender dashboard. Hit enter.
  • Now, the Netgear installation assistant page will redirect you automatically to the Netgear wifi extender login
  • In this login tab, insert the SSID and password of your extender mentioned on the label of your extender. It is the default login detail.
  • Once the setup Netgear extender process finishes then tap on the advanced section.
  • You can get it from the menu tab>>Advanced Setup. Here you need to select only the extender mode.
  • Hit the apply tab, and your Netgear wifi extender setup device will automatically reboot.
  • It will achieve extender mode automatically. The default IP address of your router is

Setup your WIFI extender via the Netgear installation assistant app

  • If your Wi-Fi extender has any antennas then fix up the antennas in an upward direction to get a better signal.
  • Using an internet port on your router and modem, connect them with an Ethernet cable.
  • Then, turn on the router by connecting its power line adapter to the electric outlet of your home.
  • Make sure the power LED lights of your Netgear wifi extender light up solid.
  • If not, then press the power button once. Go to the app store on your mobile.
  • Here, install the Netgear installation assistant.

Once the Netgear installation assistant app has successfully installed on your device, launch the application by clicking on it. The app will start providing you with on-screen instructions to connect to the web interface page of your Netgear wifi extender setup.


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