Popular Ludo Tricks and Tips that will help you make a Chance to Win a Game

Ludo game is one of the most popular traditional board games. This game is mainly about luck, fate and destiny but strategies, mind and tricks can definitely turn the tables. Traditional Ludo board games have now taken a shape of online existence as well to spark up every person’s digital life. Online real money Ludo game has gained recognition worldwide and is gaining a lot of users. Ludo is at the roots of traditional and ancient board games of India.  People were rolling dice from ancient times and now it has not failed in embracing the mark of cultural and traditional presence in today’s time as well.

Ludo has now become the favorite pastime of all the youngsters, women, men, children, spouses, housewives and old people too. Due to the covid-19 situation, every bored person got lured towards Ludo online game. The most interesting part to play this game is that now the board is not even required for it. Ludo game is now at your fingertips. To play this game online, a few tricks and tips can make you a pro player. Below is the list of a few gaming strategies to become a mastermind.

* Opening up all your pawns

This trick is one of the most used and interesting strategies. In this trick, you should start by opening up i.e. giving chances to all your pawns and moving it across a board concerning rolling dice. It provides you with the utmost flexibility and is less risky. If you’re opening up only one or two pawns at a time then you’re giving your opponent’s pawn a chance to kill yours.  So aim at opening up all the pawns when 6 appear on your dice.

* Expanding pawns on the board:

Always make sure that your pawns surrounding the board are fitted perfectly. It should be placed at a location that allows you to pave your way towards home and also not put you at any risk. Also, if your pawns are expanded correctly then it also gives you a chance to kill your opponent’s pawn wisely.

* Use attacking strategy:

Using an attacking strategy i.e. your eyes should be on attacking the opposite player’s pawns. It sometimes gets all dirty and messed up but if played strategically it can help to clear up your way and win the game like a steady horse.

* Be patient, receive outcome:

You must be wondering how patience is related to the Ludo game, But patience is a key towards winning as with chaotic mind players are not able to take certain decisions. So, my friend always is calm while playing this game.

* Blocking your opponent’s pawn:

Confuse your opponent by making them think differently. It distracts them to play the game and makes them focus on your pawn instead. You should make sure that you’re always seven steps ahead of your opponent’s pawn and do not give them a chance to kill up your pawn by remaining in a safe zone.

Follow all these tips and tricks and increase your chances of winning, it makes you reach home and kill your opponent’s pawn smartly.

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