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Gamer’s Guide To Entering The World Of Play To Earn NFT Games

Gaming is something that looks at age as just a number. Though the games are categorized according to age, there are many games that are enjoyed by everyone, irrespective of age. Video games are something that makes everyone’s childhood. Be it the teen years or adulthood; games come along all the time. The Game you play at every stage might differ, but the Game stays. Gaming never failed to surprise the evolution of video games, starting from television consoles to VR and play stations. Today P2E NFT games are getting popular among recreational and professional gamers globally. Why is it the future of gaming? Why do people get into these blockchain-based NFT games? Here you can get answers to every question that strikes your mind regarding crypto games.

Understanding Blockchain and web 3.0

Blockchain is recently making a buzz around the world with cryptocurrency and NFTs. Initially, it was just all about bringing decentralization to the finance sector. But with NFTs or Non-fungible tokens, every industry is taking up Blockchain today.

A blockchain is a digital record or ledger that records transactions and information stored on a series of blocks. These blocks are interlinked, so every time you store or record a transaction in one blog, the same information will get stored on multiple blocks. This makes it impossible for one to delete a record that easily. A blockchain is unmodifiable and unhackable, and the information in the Blockchain cannot be changed or deleted or destroyed. 

Web 3.0 is the new iteration of the internet we use, and it uses the concept of Blockchain to bring decentralization of the world wide web. Web 3.0 emerged with the goal of people owning their own data so as to maintain privacy and also to reward internet users for the time they spend on the platform. This concept has brought a lot of industries together under the umbrella of Blockchain. The first to take the position is the gaming industry with play-to-earn games. 

The era of NFT games

Games have been taking the form of Play to earn games from already existing Pay to play games. In Pay to play, you have to either pay the gaming platform to avoid Advertisements between the Game or Play irritated with it. You should also have to pay for the in-game items like avatars, accessories, weapons, clothing, weapon skin, maps, and more, or play without them, which is boring. 

In-Play to earn games, these in-game items are made as NFTs which are available in P2E NFT game Marketplace. You can sell them on the P2E NFT game marketplace at any time. This blockchain model, with the concept of Web 3.0, offers rewards every time you play the game. So unlike pay-to-play games, when you spend your money on an NFT game, it is an investment for a passive income rather than just playing for fun. 

Play to earn games

Cryptokitties was first introduced on the Ethereum blockchain as an NFT game. In this gaming platform, the game character or avatars were made as an NFT. The platform received an overwhelming response from the gaming and NFT community. Later many games rushed into the market, and NFTs created a revolution in the gaming industry. 

Continuing that, games were released based on a similar concept as in Move to earn came out. Platforms following this concept works on making people move, walk, run, hop and exercise. The more the user moves, the more he earns. Thus this concept brought people to work out for their physical fitness and earn a reward for that. 

Games like Axie infinity not only made millions of people play NFT games but also brought the concept of decentralization of gaming platforms with the help of Blockchain.

The Decentralization

Blockchain-based games have their own NFT tokens for rewards and governance. When a player plays or wins a game on the platform, he gets reward points for it. And for every reward point, the player is eligible to receive an equivalent crypto coin or token.

The platform also has a governance token that is minted and circulated. They are limited and while reward tokens are not. This is because unlimited minting of governance tokens will lead to chaos in the governance of the platform.

People who hold the governance token allow the holder to take part in the voting process of deciding anything from funding to the operation of the gaming platform. The preference for voting is given to the one who owns the highest number of tokens instead of allowing everyone. This is also to avoid any misleads and chaos in the administration and operation of the gaming platform. 

How to select the right Game?

Play to earn is emerging, and people are even leaving their daily jobs to play these games. Hence it is important to choose the right Game before entering it. There are certain things to look out for in an NFT game. They are

  • The Blockchain on which the Game runs
  • The NFT standard of the in-game NFT item.
  • Fun element and idea of the Game
  • Number of mints of the NFTs or the rarity
  • Graphics of the Game and
  • The demand and response of the Game

Final Say,

NFT games are evolving, and it is said to be the future of the gaming industry. This is because this concept not only helps in having fun and recreating but also creates a passive income. P2E NFT game marketplaces are now the platforms that have the most active wallets, even during the crypto winter. This is a sign that the demand never dies, and it is the right time for P2E games to emerge. 

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