Issues that render your wudu invalid

Have you ever considered what can compromise your Wudu and render it null and void? Before performing any form of prayer, Muslims are required to perform Wudu. Muslims gain benefits, such as improved memory for verses in the Quran, from performing Wudu, the ritual of bodily purification performed before praying to Allah.

In Islamic teachings, I learned there are exceptions to the Wudhu rule. One of the things that invalidate Salah is having your Wudu broken, whether on purpose or by accident.

To that end, we’ve outlined below some of the most common causes of a broken or invalid Wudhu. Most of these are facets of the Wudu etiquette mentioned by the Quran teacher that every Muslim is expected to know.

Blood Flowing

One of the things that can break and invalidate your Wudu is the flow of blood from any part of body in case you got injured and had somecut on your body.

If there is bleeding, it is recommended that Wudu be performed by a hadith provided by the Prophet Muhammad. However, even if only a few drops of blood emerge, your Wudu will not be rendered invalid.


One of the things that invalidate your Wudu is throwing up. If you throw up after performing Wudu, it does not matter if it is food, drink, or bile; your Wudu will be nullified.

You spew an unimaginable amount of disgusting garbage every time you open your mouth. Because of this, it doesn’t matter how much money you give, and you won’t be able to perform Wudu. Better to redo your Wudu and pray that Allah accepts your offering this time


One of the things that can invalidate your Wudu is going to sleep. As a result of sleep deprivation, individuals will gradually lose awareness. According to Islamic law, falling asleep during Wudu renders the ritual null and void.

Hence, you must remain awake after performing Wudu and before performing Salah. After performing Wudu, you must repeat the ritual if you fall asleep, whether by mistake or design. Purposeful or unintentional slumber nullifies your Wudu.

Being Drunk

One of the things that can invalidate your Wudu is being intoxicated. Consuming alcohol is outlawed under Islamic law; therefore, getting drunk from it is broken and invalidates your Wudu greatly.

Furthermore, intoxication is a common human activity that results in a loss of consciousness and a lack of control. Therefore, since it nullifies your Wudu, you should avoid it lest it compromises the efficacy of your prayer.

Passed out

Fainted is one of the things that break and invalidate your Wudu. Whether it happens for a short or a long time, it keeps rendering your Wudu invalid. The fainted symbol represents the human who has lost consciousness.

It makes perfect logic that losing consciousness would compromise and nullify your Wudu. Whether or not it results from your condition, it is consistently disrupting and rendering your Wudu null and void. Take another Wudu so that you can pray respectfully.

Saliva and Blood

The blood and saliva in your mouth are constantly mixing. Understanding the ratio of blood to saliva is crucial. If the amount of the blood is larger than the saliva, it breaks and invalidates your Wudu.

If the contrary is true, your Wudu is complete, and you may resume praying.

In light of verse 6 of Surah Al-Maidah in the Quran, below are some items that render your Wudu null and void. Are you able to tolerate everyone? Peace and blessings are upon you from Allah.

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