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Importance of Asr Prayer and Benefits

Benefits of Asr prayer: Salah is one of Islam’s Five Pillars and a crucial tenet that all Muslims should uphold. Muslims should make an effort to never skip a prayer (Namaz), but if they do for reasons beyond their control, they should make it up as soon as they can or recite it at their subsequent Salah.

What is the Importance of Asr Prayer?

The Quran specifies five times for prayer. The first prayer is Fajr, then Zuhr, ASR, Maghrib, and finally Isha. In our previous post, we briefly addressed each of these prayers. In addition, a number of hadiths attributed to Prophet Muhammad (SAW) illustrate and clarify the importance of prayer in Islam. As a result, even though all prayers are significant, in this essay we will examine the relevance and importance of offering the ASR prayer in light of the Quran and the hadiths of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Which Prayer Is Asr?

The Salat-ul-Wusta must be protected and cared for, according to the Holy Quran (the middle prayer).

On whether prayer is the Salat-ul-Wusta, jurists and Hadith specialists differ strongly (the middle prayer). It is logical to declare any of the five required prayers as the middle prayer. The ASR (afternoon) prayer, on the other hand, is based on reliable and accurate narrations and sayings.

The ASR prayer is therefore more significant than other daily prayers.

What Is The Timing Of Asr?

ASR Salah starts when an object’s shadow reaches the same length as the object itself. It is crucial to pray at that time since our beloved Prophet did so. The limit of salvation for the ASR prayer is reached when the sun goes yellow.

Numerous hadiths stress the value of the ASR hour and prayer.

It is OK to pray later, though, if you have an urgent task to complete. At that point, the shadow has grown to be twice as long as the corresponding item.

Benefits Of Asr Prayers:

The primary benefit of ASR’s prayer is that it helps us all to acquire the thinking that there is only one genuine Lord, one Merciful, one Rescuer, and one Bestower for us all.

In two shifts, one for the night and the other for the day, the angels come down.

The Messenger of Allah (SAW) said, “A group of angels will be with you at night, and another group will be with you during the day, and both groups will meet at the time of the Asr and Fajr prayers.” When the angels accompanying you ascend to Heaven over night, Allah questions them about you since He already knows everything there is to know about you. “In what state did you leave my slaves?”

  • Think about what would happen if we failed to say the ASR prayer. On a day like this, what do the angels tell Allah about us? What state did they leave us in?
  • The one who does the ASR prayer will be granted entry to Jannah. The Holy Prophet Muhammad asserts (SAW),
  • The ASR prayer gives Muslims an opportunity to confess their sins and revert back to the path of Allah SWT. A guy will nearly always find a way out of a lot of problems. The most powerful way to defeat it is to say the ASR prayer. The best method to handle the myriad problems we encounter is to pray.

Any Muslim who performs the ASR prayers on time would also benefit from being able to perceive God’s essence in Heaven on the Day of Judgment without having to compete with other people. The hadith that Muslims and Al-Bukhari both cited is presented below.

Check out these Tips to Increase Focus in Namaz if you have problems focusing throughout your prayers.

Reasons To Never Miss Asr Prayer:

It’s A Huge Loss:

The ASR prayer must be said at the designated time. The significance of ASR prayer underlines the fact that failing to pray or praying after the allotted time is a grave mistake.

Think about what happens to a person who recently declared bankruptcy. In addition, his family has abandoned him, and he has lost his house. What kind of emotional state would he be in?

All Your Good Deeds Will Be Annulled:

You got up, prayed, helped your mother in the kitchen, grinned at your brother, carried someone’s bag, gave a friend great advise, held back your rage for Allah’s sake, and missed the ‘Asr prayer because you were too busy playing or working. What’s this? All of those thoughtful deeds were a waste of time. as though you had never carried them out before. And “all good acts” probably alludes to the admirable deeds you’ve committed throughout the course of your life.

You Will Face The Wrath Of Allah

On the day of Khandaq, commonly known as the Battle of the Trench, Allah’s Messenger said:

The tongue that had remained silent during the hardships and tribulations of Taif was forced to call for Allah’s wrath to be exacted on the invading polytheists when the circumstances of the struggle of the Confederates (the battle of Trench) prevented the believers from performing the ASR prayer on time.

For those who entirely ignore their prayers out of laziness or because they are involved in sports or other activities, it undoubtedly gives them enough food for thought. What a heinous deed they have done in the name of Allah and His Messengers (PBUH). May Allah (SWT) keep us all safe from His curse and vengeance.

There are significant rewards for offering the Fard ASR prayers on time in the Quran. But there are also consequences from Allah, the Almighty, for people who miss their prayer times.

In mosques, all men are instructed to perform Salah in front of the Imaam along with the congregation. Women, on the other hand, are told to pray at home.

As the Fard prayer among the five daily prayers, every Muslim should offer the ASR prayer promptly. For Muslims who offer it, it brings about a number of benefits from Allah Almighty.

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