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Crumbling Effect of Delhi Due to Hefty Air Pollution

Crumbling Effect of Delhi Due to Hefty Air Pollution


Air pollution is the cause of many health issues in metropolitan areas. The state of air pollution in Delhi has recently changed dramatically, both in terms of pollutant levels and management methods adopted to lower them. 

According to a study based out in Delhi, air pollution and mortality have been the major cause of death and morbidity due to the increased level of air pollution. During the timeframe of 10 years, Delhi has made several initiatives in order to minimize air pollution in the city.


India’s capital city is Delhi. Due to the significant rain effect, the roads and air pollution in the Capital city have recently crumbled. Poor maintenance, inappropriate drainage systems, and a lack of contemporary technology are the major causes of this form of deterioration. Most of the time, this concrete coating is lacking, resulting in crumbling roadways during wet seasons. This is why Delhi is about to crumble.

Potholes pose a danger to pedestrians and automobiles alike. As a result, the probability of traffic accidents rises, making it dangerous for both animals and people. Municipalities should evaluate these problems on a regular basis and fix them swiftly to make roadways safer for pedestrians. The presence of potholes may make drivers feel uneasy when driving. As a result, it is the towns’ obligation to keep an eye on these problems and correct them as soon as possible.


In this article we discuss the major reasons which are leading to the severe crumbling effects in Delhi:


Crop Burning 

The Nation’s capital Delhi shares its borders with Utter Pradesh and Haryana. Every year farmers burn rice stubbles in Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, and Punjab.


Vehicular Emissions

Pollution caused by the traffic menace in Delhi is the other reason which is contributing to the air pollution and smog. The air quality index has reached ‘severe’ levels in the National capital Delhi. Vehicular emission is increasing at a stiff rate which is leading to the hazardous effects of smog and air pollution. The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) and the National Environment Engineering Research Institute (NEERI) have declared vehicular emission as the major reason which is leading to Delhi’s increasing level of air pollution.


Industrial Pollution

Delhi has the highest cluster of small-scale industries. According to the assessments by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) shows that the national capital is home to highly polluted industrial clusters that do not meet the limits on water, air, and soil emissions. The Najafgarh drain basin in Delhi which includes the industrial areas of Anand Parbat, Okhla, and Wazirpur industrial areas is the second most polluted area in India. With an establishment of about 3128 industries located in the Delhi NCR region, industrial pollution adds about 20% to the poor quality of air.



Fine dust from these construction activities is a significant contributor to the poisonous smog. According to Delhi Pollution Control Committee (DPCC) officials, about 30% of the air pollution in the NCR is caused by the dust from the construction sites. 


Wrapping up:

The government has not taken adequate measures in covering up debris and waste management in the NCR region. This has led to an increase in the pollution level from these construction sites in the NCR region.

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