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Cloves cultivation in India with Information and Guidance

Uses of Cloves cultivation in India

Different types of farming are practised in all parts of India as the climate, fertiliser capacity, and land size are different in other parts of the country. About 50 per cent of India’s population is dependent on agriculture. In such a situation, farmers’ inclination towards farming has started increasing. Now farmers are giving more attention to cultivating cash crops instead of traditional farming. Once developed, it can be produced for many years. 

Uses of Cloves

Clove is cultivated as a spice crop. Its fruits are widely used in spices. The effect of cloves is more hot, due to which drinking decoction of cloves gives relief in winter when there is a cold. Clove oil is used to flavour foods and a variety of industrial products. Clove oil is used in toothpaste, toothache medicine, medicine for stomach ailments. In Hinduism, cloves are also used in Havan and worship. Clove is an evergreen plant whose full-grown plant gives yield for many years, and its plant lives for 150 years. 

Clove Cultivation

The clove plant is an evergreen plant. Its plants need more rain. Also, its plant cannot tolerate strong sunlight and cold. Its plants require favourable weather for proper growth. India’s climate varies according to parts of the country and the land’s fertiliser capacity is also different. 

Suitable Soil 

Clove cultivation is suitable in those areas of India where the climate is tropical and hot. Cultivation of clove requires sandy loam soil and a moist tropical climate. Its cultivation should not be done in waterlogged land. In the event of waterlogging, the condition of its plants worsens. Clove plants require moderate rainfall but the excessive sunlight and winter frost are harmful to these plants. Therefore, its cultivation is not possible in cold and heavy rainfall places. A shady place and 30 to 35-degree temperature are required for the remarkable growth of the plants. The pH value of the land for its cultivation should be between 6.5 to 7.5.

Field Preparation

A clove plant yields about 150 years when it is fully developed, but the excellent yield is only for 26 years. Therefore, before harvesting clove, the field should be well prepared. First of all, deep slant ploughing of the area should be done, due to which the remnants of the old crop will be destroyed. For this, you can use a plough machine with Eicher 242 tractor price kind of utility tractors. After this, get two to three ploughings done by using rotavator in the field, due to this the soil of the area will become friable, after that once again plough the field by putting a sledge, so that the parcel will be completely level, and there will be no waterlogging. 

Plant Preparation

Some ripe fruits from the clove tree are collected to prepare clove seeds. After that, they are taken out and kept. When the sources are to be sown, then first soak them overnight. Then remove the seed pods before sowing. Keep in mind that before preparing plants from seeds, the seeds should be treated. Since it takes 2 years to prepare plants from clove seeds, if you want, you can also buy its plants from any government registered nursery. Farmtrac 60 tractor model is best for performing such farming tasks easily and efficiently. 


Apart from this, plant the clove plant in the summer season and water them once a week. In addition, irrigate its plant for 15 to 20 days in the winter season. 

Clove Harvesting

Clove plants start giving yield after a long time, about 4 to 5 years after transplanting. The fruits appear like clusters in plants, which are pink in colour. Farmers can pluck flowers before they bloom. The fresh buds are green with a red tint. Its fruit is a maximum of 2 cm. It is elongated, which, after drying, takes the form of a clove.

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