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how to treat gum disease

Gum disease: Tooth decay can adversely affect dental health (such as tartar) and general health. How to respond to this disease? Doctissimo is a possible treatment.

We can talk about the treatment of gingivitis, the current stabilization is possible in periodontal disease. The first step is prevention and dental hygiene. Therefore, depending on the severity of the periodontitis, it should go through several stages: purpose, condition, function …

Maintain oral hygiene

Before treating gum disease, consult or arrange with your dentist. If not, the medicine will not cure and the treatment will not work.

This dental hygiene practice is a preventative measure: when you take care of your teeth, there are many problems you will face and you will greatly avoid using toothpaste. How to treat gum disease.

You can do the following:

Brush your teeth and gums in the morning and evening to prevent cracking and growth of the plaque.
Brush (for some sensitive gums) and toothbrushes (it is best to choose a soft toothbrush);
Use a toothpaste daily to remove food debris and germs. It can be provided in addition to other dental equipment.
Consult a dentist (once or twice a year);
Proper protection is subject to adverse conditions.

Wipe your face lightly.
Whether you have gingivitis or periodontitis, the first step is to clean your entire mouth before biting. Every six months, your dentist will advise you on how to combine your teeth with your diet. The pain is indescribable, not just gingivitis, but a radiant smile.

In the periodontitis phase, a very powerful method called root canal removal removes the deep dental calculus and prevents the microbial membrane from sticking. It is very dangerous and usually requires local fever.

Check for infection by cleaning your mouth.
Periodontitis is a highly contagious disease; In the oral cavity, many harmful germs get into the tissues that hold the teeth, but the teeth are not right. Therefore, it is important to control the production of these viruses. The methods of fighting are simple: oral antibiotics, as well as antibodies or antibiotics if the doctor deems it appropriate.

Note: Not all oral cleansers are effective. Treatment is usually not appropriate because the old brush is only available in areas where it is an active but effective supplement.

Dental surgery.
If a non-invasive procedure is not available, surgery may be necessary. There are three options, depending on the treatment and the choice of the victim and the dentist.

Gum removal is a method of disinfection that reaches the roots of the bones. The dentist removes tartar and plaque, then sharpens the tooth area and improves the bone marrow environment. Finally, it promotes complete healing of gums and thus eliminates tooth decay.

The goal of tissue healing is to regenerate gum tissue (with or without regeneration) by regenerating lost supporting tissue. This membrane is the dental backbone that allows new tissue to settle where new cells have grown. How to treat gum disease.
Bone filling is also used: when the bone is touched, it can be replaced with synthetic materials. A dumper or recovery method is used.


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