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How to draw the sun

How to draw the sun

Learn to tie a great sun with cool drawings instructions easily and step by step and a video tutorial. Now you can easily create a beautiful sun. The sun is the star in the middle of our solar method. This star is 93,000 kilometers from the earth, but it only takes 8 minutes and 19 seconds in his life to support the light to reach us. Throughout the world, the sun was loved in several ancient cultures. The festivals organized in winter intended to bring to the solar god for another agricultural season, and other rites were held to bring blessings to future cultures or thanks to the current harvest.


As such, the images of the sun appear at the beginning of human works. Often called a solar symbol, the sun can be represented as a circle with rays, as in this drawing guide, a cross, a spiral, a halo, or a crown. One of the first drawings of the sun with rays, similar to modern representations, represented “the star of Shamash,” a god in ancient Sumeria and Babylon. A similar vergin sun appeared in Greek art about 2,600 years ago.

Sun Drawing

A face to Ray Sun was added during the medieval period in the paintings of the old soil or helios. Today, the images of the sun are always popular in art, animation, and decoration. A sun with a face, which often wears sunglasses, is a family icon of summer and is frequently used in weather forecasts. The sun adorns certain national and regional flags and is a common design element in clothing and decoration. Many animated films and television series have included a smiling sun, but often not as the main character.


Do you want to decorate your works or businesses with a little sun? It is easier than ever with this simple drawing tutorial and step by step. All you need is a pencil, a piece of paper, and a draft. You can also use paintings, colored pencils, colored pencils, or markers to shade your finished drawing. Follow the written instructions and accompanying illustrations, and your drawing will soon be a sunny day every day.


Drawing the sun

Step 1:

Start drawing a circle. It forms the center of the sun.

Step 2:

Draw a series of large, narrow triangles at the top of the circle. These triangles are the beginning of the sun’s rays. At this point, your drawing will look like a spiny hair head.

Step 3:

Continue drawing large narrow triangles around the circle.

Step 4:

Among the triangles already drawn, smaller and fastest triangles are sketch. These triangles form additional rays.

Step 5:

Continue drawing the small triangles until the circuit finish around the sun.

Step 6:

Draw two large ovals in the Circle of the Sun. These ovals will form the eyes of the sun. On each eye, draw a small curved shape to form the eyebrows.

Step 7:

Delete the guidelines of the sun’s rays. Now it will have a separate and thorny pattern around the sun instead of individual triangles.

Step 8:

Draw a small oval in the sun’s center to mark the nose. Under the nose, draw a broad line in the form of “u.” Draw a short and curved line at each end of the “U.” It forms the smiling mouth of the sun.

Step 9:

How to draw the sun

Add details to the sun. Draw a large oval to form the student in each eye. Then draw a small circle to highlight the eye—the shadow between the circle and the oval. Finally, draw short curved lines in each eye’s corner to indicate the eyelashes.

Step 10:

How to draw the sun

Color your sun. Often, the suns are color using several tones of yellow. However, in nature, the sun may also seem red or orange.

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