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How To Draw Vines and Flowers Step by Step.

How To Draw Vines and Flowers easy with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Easy drawing tutorial for beginners and everyone. Line Drawings

You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1

The trick to drawing a complex plant like a vine is to take it slow, start small, and then grow from there. We’ll do precisely that in this step of our tutorial on how to draw vines. To start this drawing, you can begin with two leaves close together. The leaves will be pretty small and somewhat pointed. They will also have some sharp lines inside for the veins, making them look more realistic. After these two leaves are drawn, we can add the vines attached to them. These penalties will be marked with several thin lines close together, and near the base of the drawing will be another small leaf. Then finish with a curving vine coming down from its bottom. Once this step is complete, you are ready for step 2! Vines and Flowers.

Step 2 – Next, draw some more leaves

To continue building your vine drawing, we’ll add some leaves to it. These leaves will be smaller than the two main ones you drew in part 1, and since they are at different angles, they will also have different shapes. However, the leaves will also have the same pattern of veins on the inside. They will also be attached to the central vine stem from which the other branches come, and when that looks like our reference image, we can move on to the next section.

Step 3: Draw another cluster of leaves.

For this third step of the vines tutorial, we will be adding another cluster of leaves. The size of these leaves will vary between small and large ones, but otherwise, they will look very similar to the others you have drawn. They will have the same number of spots on them as the grainy details on the interior. For this step, you can add about five leaves if you want it to look like our reference image, but you can add a few more or less depending on your preference!

Step 4: Now, draw some more leaves and vines.

We will add some leaves and vines to your vines drawing in this fourth part. Start this section by removing three more leaves, two of which will be connected in thick lines. Then, once you’ve drawn these leaves, we’ll add some curved lines coming out from this cluster, and these will curl up into a loose spiral at the end. Once this step is complete, we can add some final details in the next step to get you ready for some unique colors!

Step 5: Finalize the details and strokes of your vines drawing.

The fifth step of this vine drawing tutorial will help you add sections, details, and final elements to complete it uniquely. First, draw a thick vine stem emerging and twisting away from the top part of the figure. We’re going to attach a few small leaves to this vine, and in addition, there will be some more spirals zigzags from it. That should wrap up all the details in this tutorial, but be sure to add some of your own to bring it to life! Vines often grow and twist onto other plants, trees, and garden structures, so you can draw something like that to show the vines are climbing something. You can also paint an excellent background for the picture. This will be a perfect opportunity to create a fantastic garden scene with various of your favorite plants and flowers. These are just a few ideas, but what else can you think of to complete this painting of vines?

Step 6: Complete your vines drawing with some colors.

This is the final step of your vines painting process, and for this step, you can bring it to life with some unique colours! We chose different shades of green for the vines for our reference image, but you don’t have to select these exact colours! You can try different shades or even choose a completely different colour scheme if you like. If you’ve drawn any details or background additions, this is an excellent opportunity to colour in those details.Once you’ve chosen your colours, you can have fun choosing what art medium you’ll use to complete this painting of vines.

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