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If a person has to settle in a new place – in another city or even a country, then questions about eviction moving services. There are a lot of them. According to the correct collection, loading, execution schedule, the tools necessary for this, and other important features.

Here are just some questions and answers about fast eviction service and moving:

I want to pack my things myself and then transport them with your help, is it possible?

Of course, we provide packaging material. Boxes, dividers, pads, cardboard, and film, so that you can complete everything you need yourself.

I don’t have enough time, and the move is inevitable. Can you bring everything and arrange it on the spot?

Yes, we not only deliver all the property, and documentation, but also, if necessary, install and connect household appliances, and assemble furniture in the apartment. And be sure to leave clean behind.

What if something gets damaged or lost in transit?

This is impossible, because our movers are careful, carefully protect objects from impacts and monitor their integrity. And for your peace of mind, we take full financial responsibility.

Not all answers about moving are obvious, they should be decided on a case-by-case basis and should be asked on a case-by-case basis. For example, it is impossible to accurately indicate the cost of service. It is determined individually, depending on the volume, the distance of the route, the demand for additional involvement of employees, rises to the floor, and other factors.

Do moving services provide a turnkey move?

Oh sure! This is one of the most requested services. You do not need to worry about disassembling furniture or packing property – everything will be done by specialists, quickly and efficiently.

How much time can be spent on an office move?

It depends on the number of jobs in the office. Small offices can be moved in a day, but for medium and large offices, the moving time starts from two days.

Do moving companies take out the garbage generated during the move?

Most of them yes. Usually, this is used packaging, collect all of it and take it out for recycling.

Is it necessary to call an appraiser and how much does it cost?

The appraiser’s visit is free. But, if you are planning a small move and you can accurately indicate all the necessary information on the move in the application or when the manager calls, then you can do without the visit of the appraiser.

Do moving companies charge for moving in advance or after the order is completed?

Usually, payment is made after the completion of all work. However, for a large apartment or office move, an advance payment may be required.

Why are rigging services more expensive than ordinary movers?

Rigging work involves working with loads of increased mass or requiring special conditions for loading and transportation. For these works, special rigging equipment and specially trained specialists are involved.

Can the price of the move change during the move itself?

Most moving companies immediately tell you the final price, unchanged, provided that the customer himself does not change the conditions of the move (increasing the amount of cargo, changing the route, etc.).


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