How To Appoint Packers and Movers for Conducting House Shifting from Mumbai to Delhi?

Are you considering shifting from “Aamchi Mumbai” to “Dilwalon ka sheher Delhi?” Still didn’t finalise any packers and movers for your move? Feeling clueless about how to appoint the packers and movers for conducting house shifting from Mumbai to Delhi? Don’t feel stressed as I have got the right solutions for your problems. Read on to feel relieved.

House shifting is an onerous activity that demands your time and effort. You need to prepare everything ahead of time and chalk out a proper plan. The entire house shifting depends on how well you execute the plan. You should appoint a proficient team of packers and movers as you shift from Mumbai to Delhi. However, it is not simple to hire a moving team that is trustworthy and efficient; especially with the advent of moving scams and looting of goods every other day. So, be very careful while appointing packers and movers for conducting house shifting from Mumbai to Delhi.

I am going to tell you the right hacks to find the best packers and movers as you shift from Mumbai to Delhi. Here we go:

Don’t Consider DIY

House shifting is a through and through meticulous activity that involves some mandatory aspects like packing, loading, moving, unloading, and unpacking. It is an arduous task and it cannot be completed singlehandedly. You do not have any prior experience in conducting house shifting activities so it is most likely that you will not be able to pack your things with the right techniques. You do not have any idea how to load your belongings in the moving vehicle so that they do not get damaged.

If you try to make a DIY house shifting, you may end up getting your belongings damaged. Moreover, you will not get any insurance coverage to conduct a self-move. So, do not try the DIY house shifting while conducting a house shifting from Mumbai to Delhi.

Ask for Recommendations

When you are looking for trustworthy packers and movers for moving intercity, ask the people you trust. Enquire your friends, relatives, neighbors, colleagues, and other associates who have prior experience in intercity house shifting. Ask for recommendations for the best packers and movers in your nearby area.

Online Research

The best and quickest way to find answers to all your questions is through the internet. Ask Google because it knows more than any of your friends, family, and colleagues. Do some online research by checking out the packers and movers near your location. Check their ratings and reviews. The customers who have already availed of their services share their experiences online. Go through those feedback and short-list the companies. It is an effective way of screening companies.

Ask the Experts

Several online platforms can assist you in this regard. If you place a call or write a mail stating your requirement, they will send you the verified details of three moving companies in your vicinity and within your budget. You can now connect with the companies on an individual basis.

Pre-move Survey

According to the three verified moving company details, you should contact them right away. Ask them to conduct a pre-move survey. Will send a representative from their company to your place and check out your belongings in person. They will make a list of the major belongings. They will send you an in-bound cost quotation by conducting the pre-move survey. After receiving the quotes from three different companies, you can compare their prices and choose the moving company that is offering you the cheapest rates and the most add-on services.

Visit their Office in Person

While finalizing your moving company, do not decide hastily. Be wise and patient. Visit their office in person. If you go and check the premises of the moving company, you can see if they have a proper establishment or not. Any registered and reputed packers and movers company will have an office of their own. So, visit the establishment and see how they treat their potential customers. Check their body language and gestures if anything seems suspicious or not.

Verify their Documents

As you visit the packers and movers service provider’s office, verify their documents. Check if the moving company is IBA-approved or not. Ask them to show their trade license, GST certificate, and company PAN card. Ask them about their on-field experience and company background.

Get Bills in Writing

When you finalist the moving company, get in-bound estimates. As they offer you the documents, ask them to give everything in writing. Check whether each of the services is mentioned in the invoice or not. Ask them if there are any hidden charges or not. Read these documents carefully before signing them and keep them safe until the final payment is done after the completion of the house shifting procedure.

Finalist the Moving Company

After carrying out all the aforementioned steps in order, you can finalise the moving company that fits your criteria of requirements and budget. Maintain a steady communication with your moving company after finalising them till the day of the move and state your requirements if you need anything specifically.

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The Culmination

House shifting is a cumbersome and time-taking activity. You have to be tactful while supervising the entire procedure. Be wise as you choose the packers and movers for your intercity house shifting from Mumbai to Delhi. Avail of in-transit insurance to keep your belongings protected on the move. If anything goes wrong and your belongings get lost or damaged on the go, your moving company will settle the financial claims.

I hope that this article will help you to appoint packers and movers for conducting house shifting from Mumbai to Delhi a simple process. I wish you a great move!


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