Choose the right study plan before sitting for SAT

Preparing for any competitive examination needs proper study goals and preparation times. SAT is also not an exception. But it completely depends on the applicants to figure out that what kind of study schedule works for them and one should follow that only because it will prepare them the best way in order to succeed.

SAT study plan

There are several ways by which one can formulate a study plan. Remember, a SAT study plan is not one size that fits all. What can work for others, may not work for you. Hence, before sitting for the examination, one needs to figure out different approaches and focuses so that they can find the right path.

One must also consider their study preferences, SAT goals and also resources before deciding on their study plan. Once one gets to know the dates of the examination, they need to start preparing at least 3 months before it. Get your hands on the SAT exam syllabus for Indian students and find a study approach in which you will be comfortable to prepare.

One can take help of professionals and coaching centres as well who can suggest on how often one should practice and how many full length tests they need to take before the actual exam dates. One can also make plan in which they can focus on different skills at different time of the day.

Some other tips to follow while preparing

  • One has to diagnose their skills early on. By practicing and studying with proper time in hand, one will have a good sense of how close they are to their SAT goals. If one has a lot of skills to learn, then it is a good idea to start studying at least 6 months prior to the examination. Figuring out on what areas one needs to focus the most is a must and one should keep practicing on them. The more one practices, the more one learns better.
  • It is necessary to take at least 2 full practice tests. One should be taken at the beginning of the preparation and one should be taken at the end of the preparation. This way, one can learn how much they have progressed in their preparation. Taking a full length test gives an idea about the test format and also for how long the examination can go on. One can also learn about the timing which is accurately essential when one is taking this test.
  • While preparing, one should also familiarise the instruction of the each test section. The sequence of the sections and the directions provided to each section is same for every SAT examination. This will make one more comfortable on the actual test day.
  • Studying outside the box is also important. One must mix up their SAT preparation with some general skill building. It is necessary to read and summarise the long articles to prepare for the reading test.

If one can practice on how to manage and answer all the questions in time, then they can easily succeed.


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