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Four Artists who gave famous abstract paintings

One of the most well-known and admired kinds of art in the world is abstract. In conceptual art, the artistic expression is far more significant than the subject.

One of the most well-known and admired kinds of art in the world is abstract. In abstract art, the artistic expression is far more significant than the subject.

There are many oil painting portraits available in online art galleries. 

M Singh

He captures the beauty and simplicity of Indian villages as well as the bustle of an Indian metropolis using what appears to be a million houses on a canvas. These paintings include enormous, earthy-hued houses that are close to one another and many. In a sense, Singh is illustrating the closeness of the people of the houses through the physical juxtaposition of the dwellings. His paintings have depth and movement because of the colors and textures he uses.

Smita Shrivastava

Smita initially experimented with several media, but with time she developed her own distinctive artistic style that sets her work apart from other abstract paintings. She creates her distinctive cubist abstract paintings using a variety of materials, including oils and inks. Smita layers these media on top of one another to add intriguing texture and effect to her artwork, which gives the final product a distinctive pattern. 

Archana Tanna

Its paintings are influenced by her mood, and her choice of colors depicts her dreams, memories, and emotions on the canvas. This artist from Dubai utilizes her canvas to convey her innermost thoughts and emotions. Archana experiments with color on the canvas since she has a strong passion and curiosity for it and feels that color is what ultimately inspires her work. She works in a variety of media, such as traditional acrylic and oil paints as well as amazing ink and metallic colors. She has a background in textile design, thus she likes to use multiple layers in her artwork.

Rashmi Pote

Although Rashmi Pote’s artwork is influenced by fluidity’s flexibility, it centers on geometry and structure. The other displays unrestrained freedom and flow, whereas the former stands for organization and security. Rashmi has degrees in English Literature, Psychology, and Mass Media, and she finds inspiration in practically everything around her. She is frequently moved by a proverb, works of art, or even just a single word.

If yes, then you must have seen famous abstract paintings.

What is abstract art: Abstract art is basically a representation of innate feelings and philosophies more through line, shape, form and colour. Artists who hold prowess in abstract paintings ensures to keep the painting quite open for interpretations.

Abstractionism has and will always be revered by art lovers across the globe. There are many more genres of famous abstract paintings that many of us don’t know.

We would certainly be discussing in detail about other types of this art form in our future blogs.

If you know something about this unique and enigmatic art form, do share your viewpoint with us in the comment box given below.



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