Find your personalized packaging solution

Find your personalized packaging solution

Find your personalized packaging solution

Personalized packaging solution

Do you want to quickly gain visibility against the competition via Custom Packaging

Do you want to make your universe and your values ​​known to create a link with your customers? 

And if you in the colors of your brand?


But first, do you know the difference between wrapping and packaging?


What differentiates packaging from packaging?

The packaging is the “practical” part of the band. A packaging will allow the consumer to enjoy his product in complete safety.

A cardboard box to transport a pastry chef’s creation, a paper bag to enjoy your tuna-mayonnaise sandwich without putting it everywhere, one for a major event, small cardboard trays to present your desserts, or quite simply, a kraft cardboard pizza box.

Packaging is more than packaging, it is packaging with multiple functions.


More sophisticated, more design, better thought out… the packaging combines material and shape, graphics, colors… to seduce consumers. Good packaging will inevitably make your products stand out!


A and packaging must be carried out by professionals. To help you enhance your products, your brand values ​​, and build customer loyalty, Pro’Jet reminds you of the fundamentals of personalization to make the right choices.


Personalize your food packaging, a little reminder of the fundamentals.

What simple strategy, with high added value, to stand out in a highly competitive market? 

Well, for example, convincing packaging to capture the attention of the future consumer at a glance.


With the rise of new modes of consumption, particularly in distance selling or to take away, personalized packaging has more than ever found its place.


Today, personalized packaging is an advertising product in its own right, which will contribute to the influence of your brand.


The packaging and neat and eye-catching packaging play a major role in the act of purchase and consumer loyalty. A packaging whose only function would be to serve as packaging risks being drowned in the mass of visual stimuli of the competition. It will have no added value compared to the marketing strategies put in place by competitors.


Personalizing your food packaging is, for example, an effective way to convey the committed image of your passionate company and the delicious products you offer. Have you chosen a box made of biodegradable material? Say it on your packaging! Have you chosen recyclable packaging? Say it on your packaging! You love your customers, say so too…


The message, the material, the capacity, the shape, the colors, the typography, the images, your logo… so many essential elements that will convey your products and attract your customers to your brand. Thank you packaging!


Example of personalized packaging: cardboard boxes

The cardboard box allows multiple customization possibilities. 


The project offers you the customization of this essential product: boxes with fresh windows, log boxes, pastry boxes, boxes with handles… Just like the jars and many trays, the

who advise you in this business by putting a graphic designer at your available to design your graphic universe. From the receipt of your logo to the first mock-ups, including the proof, no step will be overlooked to personalize your packaging.


Boxes, bags, sachets, trays, napkins, croissant bags… all of these packages that will end up in the hands of your customers can be delivered personalized by Pro’Jet.


Customers will become the best ambassadors for your products by proudly displaying stunning packaging in your brand colors.


The advantages of going through a packaging professional


The superpower of packaging is increased tenfold when it is well personalized. Featuring your company colors and a powerful message, it allows you to convey key information,

convey your company’s image, and, over time, allow your customers and future consumers to quickly identify your products. Attracting the consumer’s attention and taking care of your packaging is essential, it’s him

who will become the prescriber of your company and your products?


For this, ProJect advisers are at your side throughout the process: choice of packaging adapted to your culinary preparations (hot, cold, suitable for the oven, microwave, eco-responsible materials, etc.), graphic design, Express delivery.

A real brand with a “wow” effect… This is what you will get thanks to the attention to detail and the professionalism of a specialized and dedicated

team to accompany you throughout the choice and personalization of your packaging and packaging.


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