Education 2.0 Conference Reviews Growing Resume Fraud

Considering the mass layoffs in the tech world, job seekers who are already concerned about their future look for ways to build up their resumes well. Some sign up for certifications, courses, and workshops to add value to their resume. Not everyone chooses the right path, so many companies have reported the applicant’s fraudulent activities in their resume building. In its upcoming winter edition, Education 2.0 Conference aims to review such resume scam activities and how they can have an adverse effect on an individual’s professional career. 

Before discussing the displeasing impact of indulging in resume fraud, let’s learn about resume activities that are considered fraudulent and unacceptable. One can dive deeper into the resume fraud acts in the Education 2.0 Conference’s winter edition. Let’s have a quick look into such fraudulent activities that make it a matter of global concern.  

Resume Fraudulent Activities Practiced By Bad Applicants

  • Inclusion Of Fake Certificates In Resume

Many job seekers include highly impressive certificates, courses, or training to get noticed and hired by high-profile companies. It may appear to be an easy way out to get noticed. Still, the attendees need to remember that the hiring companies conduct a verification check on their potential candidates. When the companies get to know about this fraudulent activity, they not only disqualify but sometimes block the candidates. Such blocklisting can have a negative effect on the applicants’ reputation and their professional growth. Instead, one can find other relevant approaches and healthy strategies at upcoming education events like Education 2.0 Conference to upgrade resumes and make them captivating to hiring companies.  

  • Claiming False Work Experience 

As various organizations look for employees with a considerable amount of work experience, many fresh applicants try to get into such organizations by falsifying their work experience. Although they can make it to the first step, again, when the organization asks about the work and related questions, these applicants still need to answer them. Such applicants get unapproved, and because of their greed to get quick employment, the organization refrains them from future interviews per their company policy. Hiring organizations can often call and ask for confirmation about the applicant’s work; thus, when the actual situation is revealed, the applicant is denied from sitting in other interview rounds. 

By connecting and networking with the educational consultancies and companies that attend the Education 2.0 Conference, candidates can learn about internship and job opportunities instead of scamming their work experience. 

  • Hiding The Employment Gaps

Many applicants have gaps in their employment history because of some non-impressive reasons. To avoid discussing them, they indulge in hiding their employment gaps by increasing or manipulating their time at previous organizations while sitting in interviews. But, again, the company will only hire these applicants once they know their status. Instead of getting declare a fraud or scam applicant, it’s better to reveal your authentic story and let the hiring managers decide. One can always learn about the mindset of hiring managers and organizations while being a part of upcoming education events. 

  • Listing The Wrong Skill Set

Many companies at educational conferences revealed how they come across wrong skill set listings by the candidates. By incorporating fake hard skills into the resumes, candidates make themselves available to answer questions related to those skills. Their inability to answer such questions rejects them from getting select for the job. So, adding skill sets doesn’t add value unless one has them in real life. Instead of portraying yourself as someone else, try to include everything you have, which includes both hard and soft skills. The forthcoming Education 2.0 Conference will also address the importance of soft skills in an individual’s student and professional life. 

These are the few lies adopt by job seekers to get a quick desirable job which in reality doesn’t help them. Instead of investing time in such fraudulent activities, one needs to upscale their skills, knowledge, and mindset. Reading, taking courses, or even attending global education summits like the Education 2.0 Conference can help applicants gain quick insights to stay ahead in this competitive world instead of indulging in fraud activities. 

Things To Consider While Creating An Impressive Resume
  • While building a resume, start from the basics, which includes deciding the format of the resume. Decide the chronological order of the resume, which usually includes the most recent experiences and then the prior ones. 
  • Please include your contact information in the resume to make it more uncomplicated for the employer to reach out to you without confusion. 
  • To get a sense of your knowledge and experience, employers look out for your work experience. So, it will be great to include your organization’s name, place, job description, and the difference you make with your skills and knowledge. 
  • Never hesitate to include your volunteer experience or extracurricular activities in your resume. They boost your chances of getting notice by the employer. It will depict your personality and, if done in a similar field, can add to your skills. 
  • While including your education section in your resume, make it simple and easy to read and understand. Apart from your academics, you can also include your online courses or training that you might have attended. It will also leave a better impression on employers. 
  • While applying for a specific firm, you can include the required skills for the job in your resume. It doesn’t mean you will lie, but if you have something around those requirements, do include them. 
  • And finally, before sending your resume to any individual or organization, always cross-check your spelling, sentences, or grammatical mistakes. A resume with any of such errors looks less appealing to employers. Make sure to have a simple, genuine, and error-free resume that defines you. 

And if you still feel that you need help creating a resume or any other educational guidance or updates. Plan your visit to the upcoming Education 2.0 Conference scheduled for this December in Dubai and the USA. It will cover everything from reviewing resume building, to scam job opportunities. The disadvantages of fake resumes, to their impact on an individual’s career.   

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