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Do these 5 yoga poses to open the chest and spine well, you will get rid of pain and heaviness

If you also feel tension or pain in your chest and spine after working all day, then definitely do these 5 yoga poses daily.

Due to sitting for hours in the office, the chest and ribs often get jammed. Leaning on the computer makes the spine rounder while working for a long time at the desk. So over time, this can lead to a condition known as kyphosis which can lead to limited mobility over time. This can also bother you a lot. You may feel discomfort in your spine and your chest will also feel tight. That’s why today we are going to tell you about those postures which will reduce your difficulty and will open your heart and also open your spine and ribs well.
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Restorative heart opener

If your spine and chest feel tight, then adopt a restorative heart opener from today. This mudra will work to give you relief. For this, you use blankets or pillows. You place it on the ground just behind your chest and spread both your arms and legs straight on the ground. Keep in mind that your hands should be towards the top of the head. Stay in this position for some time and stretch.


You work to strengthen your spine and chest by doing Chakravasana. To do this, you should come in a plank position on both your knees. Now keeping both your hands on the ground, pull your back up and tilt your head down. Then you tilt your chest down and lift your head up. This will relieve the tension on your back. You do this about 20 times.

Sphinx pose

The Sphinx position draws your chest from your shoulders, opens up your spine well, and relieves you of pain. To do this, you lie down on your stomach and keep your neck straight upwards with the help of both your elbows. Pull your head up as much as you can, after staying in this position for a few seconds, you come back to the normal position.


The bridge pose position will give you complete relief not only in the upper body but also in the lower body. For the bridge, you have to lie straight on the ground and then raise your back towards the ceiling with both your hands bent and your knees bent. Wait a few seconds and then come back to the normal position.

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Supine spinal twist

This procedure gives you a great opportunity to stretch the front of the chest. For this, focus on keeping both your shoulders on the ground as much as possible. This can cause your knee to come off the floor. Now to encourage you to relax, while pushing on your shoulders, bend the right leg and take it to the other side and then come back. You have to do the same process from the left side as well.

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