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Are you searching for high-quality tyres for your car? Michelin is highly recommended by our professionals. Michelin, a French multinational corporation that specialises in the production of tyres, is among the earliest companies in the sector. It has a history that extends back to 1889. It is among the most marketable business combinations available. Because of this, it was able to grab a significant portion of the industry and the commitment of consumers all over the globe. About this, it adheres to high standards of quality while also using a development approach. Michelin Tyres Ashford provides cutting-edge tyre options that are adaptable to a wide range of varied driving needs.

At our facilities, we have a comprehensive inventory of Michelin tyres that are available in a wide variety of sizes and styles to meet the needs of our customers. Take a peek.

Michelin Summer Variant

This specific type is the ideal example of how protection and durability may be harmoniously combined. Michelin’s unique tread composition and auto-blocking sipe innovation provide exceptional traction in wet conditions.

Michelin Winter Variant

Are you interested in Michelin tyres that, despite the harsh winter conditions, provide better stopping power and accuracy while driving? Then you should give Pilot Alpin 5 a go! This winter variant has a tread design that is both linear and proportional in its design. It improves the hold and treads on surfaces that are slippery or covered with snow. Additionally, the middle groove greatly improves resistance towards hydroplaning as well as good braking ability, resulting in ideal safety.

A variant of Michelin for all seasons

The enhanced tread longevity is due to the high stiffness of this unit’s tread design. The one-of-a-kind EverGrip innovation, in conjunction with its wider sipes and its particular silica composition, improves both the security of the product and the ease all year.

We additionally provide the alternative of buying tyres via our website, which we hope will save you time. You may reserve a pair from our extensive inventory by entering the tyre data or the car registration information for your car.

Visit our facility to get Michelin tyres at prices that are far lower than other places. If the versions you want are not currently in stock, we will do all in our capacity to acquire them the very same day. Now that you’ve found us, you may stop looking for tyres around you and go right to our location.

Are you willing to buy some winter tyres for your car?

You must invest in a pair of unique winter tyres to provide yourself with the highest level of protection possible when travelling on cold and snowy roads this Christmas. We are a reliable business that provides winter tyres of the best possible standard at competitive costs. Our extensive collection of auto tyres includes tyres that are of quality, mid-range, as well as economy price points, and they are available in a variety of types.

Exceptional qualities of snow tyres for automobiles


This variation retains its pliability and suppleness because of the presence of a significant amount of genuine rubber composition. Regardless of the most adverse of weather situations, it improves grip.

Tread thickness and design

When travelling on ice, sludge, or sleet, having a significant amount of notches and sipes in the tyre will result in greater lateral traction. Because of their small size and depth, the tyre grooves are more effective at collecting snow and distributing moisture. This helps to prevent aquaplaning. This provides improved braking ability as well as improved traction.  They additionally have a more substantial tread depth, which contributes to an increased level of safety while managing.

Tyres are available for purchase via our website.

If you found your way here by searching for “tyres near me,” then you are most likely on the appropriate site. Through our webpage, you can also simply purchase tyres over the internet. Just go to our internet tyre website and input the registration details for your car or the size of your tyres. The next step is to pick your selections from our extensive collection, and then complete your transaction.

You may also visit our facility to purchase winter tyres straight from us if you’d like. To ensure that you leave with the perfect set of tyres for your vehicle, the knowledgeable staff here will work with you to consider both your financial constraints and the demands of your riding style.

Are you keen to buy new tyres for your car?

It is important to give careful consideration to several aspects. This includes the size of the tyres, the kind of tyres, the manufacturer, and the amount of money you have accessible before purchasing new tyres. In light of this, the helpful members of our staff are standing by to provide any guidance that you may need while purchasing new tyres.

We are an official retailer of car tyres and have an extensive selection of tyres in a wide range of manufacturers and pricing points.

Brands of tyres that are accessible via us

We have discovered, through many decades of work expertise, that our clients have a variety of tastes in the types and brands of tyres they purchase. In addition, not everybody is willing to invest in pricey tyres.

Because of this, we have tyre supplies from a variety of best-selling luxury, mid-range, as well as affordable manufacturers. Therefore, you can shop with confidence knowing you will discover exactly what you need here.

In addition, we provide competitively priced tyre installation procedures at our facility.

Come see our facility in person, or give us a call for additional details regarding Tyres Ashford.

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