Do You Check Your Tyres Regularly?

The roads of the UK witness several accidents every year. According to different studies, a common reason for these unfortunate accidents is the poor health of your tyres. And the reason for the poor health of your Firestone Tyres Birmingham is your ignorance.

Normally, the drivers like to drive on the roads with high-performance tyres but they do not realize that it is impossible to sustain the level of performance without maintaining the tyres appropriately.

So, it is crucial to maintain your tyres but before you keep your tyres well-maintained, you need to check your tyres thoroughly. Checking the tyres regularly gives you an idea of the health issues of your tyres. You need to check your tyres weekly and if you find any danger unusual signs, visit a garage to repair your tyres.

Additionally, if your tyres are beyond repairable limits, just go for new tyres because a delayed decision may result in an unfortunate incident.

We are confirmed that you are inspired and motivated to check your tyres after reading the upper section.

Therefore, to help you check your tyres properly, we have made a checklist. Check the items of this checklist and maintain your tyres without any tension.

The Air Pressure in Your Tyres:

Air is not a part of the construction, but it plays a vital role in the performance of your tyres. The air keeps your tyres in shape and is an essential aspect of the weight carrying capacity of your vehicle. We are sure that you know that your air pressure should maintain a constant level.

The recommended level is given in your user’s guide and you must have read it. Improper air pressure in your tyres either means low air pressure or excessive air pressure in the tyres. Both conditions are not favourable for your tyres. Under-inflated or over-inflated tyres lead to uneven tread wear, tyre bursts and decreased lifespan of the tyres.

So, in your maintenance plan, you have to include checking the air pressure regularly.

Checking Tyre Tread Wear is Also Important:

The tread pattern is one of the essential parts of your tyres. It confirms that your tyres run on the roads making perfect grip and traction.

In new tyres, the tread pattern is fresh with optimum tread depth. But the depth of tread blocks reduces over time, affecting the level of traction provided by the tyre. The role of tread depth is important in the winter season when the tyre is rolling on snowy roads.

In this case, you cannot take the risk of driving with bald tyres. Therefore, check the depth of tread design while you examine your tyres. The legal minimum tread depth in the UK is 1.6 mm.

If you observe your tread pattern is offending this limit, change your tyres as soon as possible.

Do Not Ignore Tyre Valves:

The rubber valves of the tyres may wear out over time. The failure of the valves to perform well may result in loss of air. Thus, examine the tyre valves and caps after regular intervals to make sure your tyres are properly inflated all the time.

The Sidewall Should Not Have Any Damage Signs:

Ideally, the sidewall of your tyres should not have any signs like cuts, cracks, blisters or bulges. Whenever you observe these signs, you have to visit a garage to talk to the expert.

The expert is going to check the structural condition of your tyres. If he advises you to change the tyres, do not ignore his suggestion since travelling with fully damaged tyres is highly risky. Finally, you can conclude it easily that without checking your Tyres Birmingham properly it is almost impossible to have an idea of the health condition of your tyres. Therefore, check your tyres and increase the lifespan of your tyres.

Some Tips:-

  • Inspect the wheel’s valve caps and wheels nuts periodically.
  • Check your wheel alignment regularly by professionals.
  • Avoid overloading the vehicle, check your owner’s manual to know the recommended weight load limit.
  • If you are to drive on the winter roads, install winter tyres in your car to ensure better performance and a smooth driving.

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