9 Must-Have Features In Your WhatsApp Clone Script

WhatsApp clone script app means such app which has a similar framework like WhatsApp with the basic functionalities included. It costs less to build up as the original form is already premade and should be available in both play store and app store. With the increasing popularity of WhatsApp, many other similar apps were raised like hike, WeChat which serves similar purposes.

Must-have Features

To launch such an app a few points should be considered. Here are the top 9 features to be included in WhatsApp clone script .

Features of chats

The first important feature a WhatsApp clone script should have is chatting by writing or recording voice notes. The chatting inboxes can be of two types – individual and group. Individuals can be anyone like a friend, relative, teacher, colleague etc. and a group can be of friends, school’s, college’s, office’s, family etc. which are much active during the pandemic.

Both chatting inboxes must have an unlimited chatting facility ( using stickers, emojis and GIFs ) unlike phone messages. There also has to be an offline chatting facility like WhatsApp where one can send a message even if the other is offline. Same for group chats also, messages get delivered to the ones who are offline. Once they turn on the internet, they receive the messages in both cases.

Also, you can pin special three messages to show at the top and can archive chats to show at the bottom.

Files sharing

The second most important feature should be the clone script to be able to share files like – photos, videos, audios, documents and contacts. Any urgent information in a document or PDF format should be shared using the clone version of WhatsApp. Also, pictures and videos containing important documentation have to be selected from the gallery to send. An extra feature can be clicking a photo or making a document from a picture instant from the inbox. These files should also be shared to different platforms and social media.

In-App calling features

Like WhatsApp, a clone script also should contain this in-app feature. This can be a voice call or video call. We can take people to the conference by adding one after another or make a call directly from the group. The internet should be turned on while connecting to the person. If the connection is good the calls don’t get interrupted, run smoothly and can be heard properly. This saves the balance of usual phone calling and makes down the market value of other video calling apps. As these calls use mobile data or WiFi data, we can connect to people of any country without roaming charges.

Settings of privacy

Not everyone likes every personal information about them to be public. So WhatsApp provides privacy settings to control their privacy by themselves. This way the clone script also should contain these features of maintaining privacy, like – profile picture, last seen, status and about. Users can control these to be shown to everyone ( their contact is saved to those people ), only contacts ( they both have a contact saved of each other ) or expect few people. If the user thinks some content is inappropriate or irrelevant to a few contacts, they hide them using the last option.

Profile management

A must-have feature of your instant message app profile should be having a profile picture. This picture helps to identify who this is. You can set a profile picture of your choice and set a caption regarding it in the about section. Also, they should provide the feature of shooting dark or light mode in the clone script. A wallpaper setting technology can also be added to make your WhatsApp clone script look different. Though only you can access the last two features.

Status updates

Most instant messaging apps have the option to update the story with suitable captions which stays for 24 hours and then disappears. So if a clone script of WhatsApp is made then this feature must be introduced. You can post photos, videos, update short write-ups and share links there. If you feel like not to show someone or some people your status, hide them using the privacy settings of WhatsApp status. You can also check the views of people on how many of your contacts have seen your status except those you have hidden. Same for others also, you can see others statuses within 24 hours of posting those.

Security and encryption

WhatsApp serves as a privacy maintaining feature to prevent hacking. This feature is end-to-end encryption which means all the messages from sender to receiver transfer through the encrypted form so that hackers cannot hack them. This encrypted format gets decrypted accordingly. This tight security should be served to clone scripts to protect the information of users from leaking.

Notifications turn on and off system

Whenever you get a message on any social media, you get a notification on your phone. Who is the person to send you messages? How many messages have come? Is there any photo or video? You can see these in the notification bar. You can choose notification tones to your choice. But receiving notifications during the whole day is a bit annoying because you cannot focus on your work. So you can turn off notifications also.

If you feel one’s chat is important you can make its notification pop up especially on the screen or you also can add it to a shortcut on the screen.

If you don’t want someone’s message notification, just mute its conversation to avoid further notifications. Statuses also can be muted if you don’t like those. But if you don’t want to continue the talk to someone you can simply block that contact. So these features can have a WhatsApp clone script.

Payment and live locations

Payment and sending live locations and two latest features introduced on WhatsApp.

Through a payment system, you can directly pay and receive money and can run your business by working from home.

And sending live locations is very important sometimes. Say you want someone to catch you, you are funding someone to visit you, you get to go to a workplace, or you get into trouble; in all these scenarios sending live locations are very important to track and reach the exact place. Including these features are good to build up a clone script.

Final thought

Billions of people throughout the world use an instant messaging app like WhatsApp which is around 80% of the total population. So creating a clone app with proper space managing features is a great idea. Including these must-have features, an entrepreneur can approach software developers to create such an app with high-security protection.

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