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7 Tips To Make Your Printer Last Longer

Printers are an investment that should last as long as possible. These quick and easy recommendations will help your business save money on repairs, extend the life of your printers, and create high-quality prints.

Don’t worry, we’re not requesting that you arrange monthly printer maintenance with a professional printer specialist. 

These suggestions will not incur any more fees or involve much continuous effort on your behalf.

Assign A Key Operator

One person should be designated to be taught all elements of the printer in Qatar , commencing with its initial installation. 

Before contacting your help desk or service professional, this individual can function as an on-site go-to person. 

Select someone who is a little tech-savvy and can troubleshoot as well as explain complex functionalities. 

An effective key operator will be able to execute all printing equipment tasks and efficiently guide end users through them.

Pay Attention To Supply Storage

Heat can cause air bubbles to grow and expand inside an ink cartridge, causing it to leak. 

Paper is less heat sensitive. In a humid atmosphere, however, it will grow damp, which might lead to additional paper jams. 

Printing supplies should be kept in a cold, dry place. If there is humidity in your office, store open paper goods in an airtight container.

Use Quality Paper Or Media

Only with the right materials can high-quality printing be achieved. We recommend that you only use the supplies indicated by the manufacturer or your printer’s service provider. 

Using low-quality paper and third-party inks and toners might result in substandard papers, paper jams, and a shorter printer lifespan. 

The savings on each ream of paper or third-party cartridge aren’t worth it.

Train Your End Users

User mistake is one of the most common reasons printers require maintenance or service. 

Training your users, particularly remote employees, will eliminate the majority of these incidents. 

Basic equipment operation training should include how to switch the unit on and off properly, as well as how to load supplies.

You can also utilise this training to demonstrate to end users any multifunction devices you may have in your workplace, as well as the additional features they can access, either on-site or remotely. 

All users should be given training materials, which should also be kept near the device.

Cleaning and calibrating printing devices are two of the most difficult chores. It would be ideal if all end users knew how to perform things like this, but that is rarely feasible. 

If you work with a print provider and have access to a help desk, make sure your end customers understand how to take advantage of this valuable resource. 

A good help desk can assist users in identifying problems and guiding them through the troubleshooting process.

Even after adequately teaching end users, you may find it useful to put basic reminders near the equipment, especially if the same things continue to arise despite training. 

Users, for example, may require a reminder to remove all staples before inputting sheets for copying.

Operate In A Clean Environment

Keep your printer in a low-traffic area to reduce dust and fingerprint accumulation, which can cause printed pages to look speckled or unclean. 

Here are some more tips for keeping your printer environment clean:

  • Make sure you don’t touch the copier’s glass
  • The windows should be kept closed, and the area should be routinely cleaned and vacuumed.
  • Surfaces should be cleaned with an electrostatic cloth or according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Make sure nothing falls into the bottom of the incoming paper tray or between pages by cleaning it periodically.
  • Ensure that the area surrounding the printer is free of food and plants.

Handle Your Printer With Care

Most individuals use child gloves when using their laptops and other smart electronics. They don’t sit on their keyboards or pound their fists on them.

Printers are just as sophisticated these days, and their parts might be harmed if not managed with care. 

Remind your employees to close doors and trays with care, handle cords carefully, and avoid slapping or kicking the device.

It’s also critical not to overwork your printing machines. Manufacturers have what’s known as a duty cycle number, which specifies the maximum amount of output that your gadget should produce per month. 

If your output frequently exceeds this value, it’s necessary to get a second device.

Give Your Printer Space

Cleaning your printer or performing routine maintenance duties in a limited space might be difficult. 

If you’re avoiding these jobs because you can’t get to your printer, it’s time to find a new home in your office.


Now that you know how to save money on printer maintenance and extend the life of your printer, it’s time to make your business more efficient.

Whether you’re in search of a new printer or just need some help keeping an old one in peak condition, these tips can help.

If you have additional tips for making your printer last longer, feel free to reach out via email. 

A printer is an important investment for any business, so making sure it lasts as long as it can is essential. 

If you don’t feel confident you can successfully resolve your printer’s issues on your own, it may be helpful to reach out to a professional printer specialist. 

You can also try to do some of the basic maintenance yourself, though it’s usually best to contact a printer repair technician in the first instance.

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