5 Steps to a Successful Video Marketing Strategy for Small Business

Creating an outstanding video marketing strategy is challenging. Even big companies face some difficulties in turning out marketing videos effectively. 

The challenge should not stop you from dipping your toes into the video marketing world. We have included a few key takeaways. Moreover, you have figured out the four essential elements; making a small business video to boost your small business will no longer be an impossible task. 

#1. Do not Sell but Show

Digital platforms, especially social media, are not a place for hard-selling. Marketers are currently using storytelling that effectively evokes the audience’s emotion. It also builds a personal connection between a brand and its customers. 

Offer a relatable story to your targeted audience and portray how your product or service can address their problem and need. Support the scene with authentic visuals, motion, and audio to make it more actionable. 

#2. Determine the Suitable Duration

A study claims that a marketing video should be less than two minutes because 60% of viewers will tune out after two minutes. Your goal, type of video, and the platform become other considerations to determine video duration. 

For instance, you want to reach more people through Instagram Story. Then, you can go for a 15-seconds explainer video. 

If you need a more extended period to convey a message, choose a 30 seconds video. It is frequently used for a short bio, creative ads, or a teaser for an upcoming product. For a detailed product overview, you can make a three minutes video.

#3. Add Humor to Your Video

There is no other way than tailoring humor to keep a light conversation yet engaging to your audience. It is also good to address your audience’s problem in a non-traditional way. 

Moreover, if your main goal is to reach as many people as possible and encourage them to share your content, humorous content will perfectly meet your needs. 

Imagine when you find a funny meme or video, you are likely to reshare it on your social media or send it to your friends. That’s why adding humor will be a great choice to spice up your marketing content. 

#4. Optimize Videos with Relevant Keywords

Google indexes video, particularly from YouTube, in addition to text-based material. It indicates that when people search for specific keywords, your video has a chance to appear on the search result page.

You should include keywords in your title, tag, and video description to optimize your video. Make sure you are using relevant keywords.

#5. Use a Call-to-Action

In many cases, video marketing fails to drive leads because it does not provide clear instructions for viewers. Since they are unsure of what to do next, they will watch the video commercial without taking any more action.

Any types of video works for small business. Whether you create an animated explainer video like silhouette animation, motion graphic, 3D animation or the live-action one. The ultimate job is how to make it outstanding even if you’re (still) running a small business.

We’ve gathered five tips for your video marketing campaign. Hope it works!

Andre Oentoro

Andre Oentoro is the founder of Breadnbeyond and Explainerd , an award winning explainer video company. He helps businesses increase conversion rates, close more sales, and get positive ROI from explainer videos (in that order).

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