Benefits of Taking a Commercial Vehicle Loan

A commercial vehicle loan is the most popular option for borrowers who want to buy their first commercial vehicle . If they want to add a new vehicle to their current fleet of commercial vehicles due to the multitude of benefits that it offers.

Business owners in a wide range of industries believe that having a car will help them boost sales and promote overall company growth. Owning a commercial vehicle offers the business a sense of scale even when a vehicle is seen as a private vehicle. Thus, most businessmen frequently purchase a commercial vehicle in response to their needs a few months after starting a business.

Loan for a business vehicle

Loans are given to borrowers, who are often self-employed people, trusts, partnership enterprises, organizations, etc., for the purchase of automobiles for commercial or business usage. Therefore, those employed in the transportation sector are eligible to apply for these auto loans. These loans can be used to buy buses, trucks, tippers, tankers, light commercial vehicles, and small commercial vehicles.


Advantages of borrowing money for a business vehicle


Adjustable Repayment Period


The normal repayment time for a business vehicle loan is up to five years. As a result, this ensures borrowers will pay back the equated monthly instalments (EMIs) with little to no financial strain.


Finance for several vehicles

Whether you’re an individual borrower or the manager of a fleet, you can get finance for a variety of vehicles, such as tippers, trucks, buses, trailers, tankers, and other small and light commercial vehicles, to aid in the expansion of your business.


Simple processing

A commercial car loan application is a straightforward, quick, and uncomplicated process. As a result, banks normally complete a new or used car loan application 4-5 days after receiving the required paperwork.


Easy documentation

Commercial car loans include quick and easy paperwork requirements. As a result, customers can submit all the necessary documents online without physically visiting the bank. The upload process is simple online.


Credit scores are not required.

Unlike other types of loans, commercial vehicle loans do not require an existing credit score. A loan for a business vehicle is simple to get for borrowers with poor credit, or even no credit at all.


Meets a variety of demands


The lending programs can be used to finance both new and old cars, add to an existing loan, or refinance loans or vehicles for working capital, among other reasons.


Individualized solutions

Based on the type of vehicle, loan period, and financial ability of each individual borrower, each commercial vehicle loan program is customized to meet the unique demands of the clients.


There is no requirement to have a certain credit score.


In contrast to other sorts of loans, commercial vehicle loans don’t demand a pre-existing credit score. It is simple to get a loan for a commercial vehicle even if the borrower has low credit or no credit at all.


Satisfies a variety of needs


The lending programmes are designed to satisfy a range of requirements, including financing for both new and used cars, consolidating several loans, and refinancing loans or vehicles for working capital.


Personalized Solutions


Each commercial vehicle loan program is customized to meet the unique demands of the clients, based on the type of vehicle, loan period, and financial ability of each individual borrower.

Based on the type of vehicle, the loan period, and the borrower’s financial capacity, each commercial vehicle loan program is customized to meet the unique demands of the clients.


Commercial vehicle loan types

Commercial Vehicle Loan is offered for a variety of commercial vehicles used in various settings and for various objectives. Consequently, commercial vehicle finance is split into three primary classes. These classes are:


New commercial vehicle loan


To purchase brand-new commercial vehicles for their companies, this loan is used by customers. Banks will lend up to the full value of a car’s frame or chassis. In specific situations, some banks may provide additional financing for the manufacturing of the vehicles according to the borrower’s profile.


Used commercial vehicle loan


Old or used commercial vehicle loans are loans for the purchase of used commercial vehicles. Borrowers can anticipate securing finance through this scheme for used cars up to 15 years old. Based on a used car’s value or depreciation grid value, the majority of banks offer financing up to 90%.


Refinanced commercial vehicle loan


Banks may provide loans for pre-existing, debt-free commercial vehicles. If they meet certain requirements, they can also assume responsibility for a current commercial vehicle loan and provide additional funds for them. To meet their short-term financial demands, some borrowers can apply for direct financing on their free vehicles. 

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