5 Digital Marketing Trends for 2022

Digital Marketing Trends

5 Digital Marketing Trends for 2022

To highlight your business in the digital world, Ponto design has prepared exclusive content – ​​there are 5 Digital Marketing trends for 2022! Check it out here!

If we’ve learned anything, it’s that pandemics change society. And if the COVID-19 pandemic parallels the plagues of our past, it would not be a stretch to predict that our tumultuous present will lead to major social change in 2022. Therefore, this post-pandemic recovery period is a decisive moment in which we decide the future of business and marketing and that is why we deepen our focus on market trends.

As we transition into 2022, every company’s key objectives must be to understand changing consumer needs and capture new opportunities for growth. And that’s why we’ve compiled this list of 5 digital marketing trends for 2022 that will be hot so you can earn big in 2022. In this way, we show you where digital marketing is evolving and how some brands are already capitalizing on these trends. . Plus, it has practical tips on how you and your business can take advantage of them. So, continue reading to find out more!

Methodology for digital marketing trends for 2022

To understand the biggest digital marketing trends for 2022, we sourced some reports, such as Brandwatch, Trendwatching and Hootsuit. In this way, they were used to analyze various themes and topics, to identify trends that can leverage brands to achieve success in the near future. Plus, we look at what brands are saying on social media and how their fans are reacting. Also, various content and research sources published on the web, especially eMarketer, Forrester, Gartner, and McKinsey.

TREND 1 – RETRO REVOLUTION: “Old school” is the new school

The collective yearning for the years gone by in the pandemic has made nostalgia a big part of every marketer’s playbook. According to Brandwatch, the volume of mention of the words “nostalgia” and “nostalgic” is much higher now. After all, people are clearly yearning for the comforts of the familiar in these tumultuous times, and this is evident as one of the digital marketing trends for 2022:

  • Pokémon is back, revamped into collectible cards;
  • ABBA have announced their first studio album in 40 years;
  • Disney has been investing in remakes of classics like Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Dumbo and Aladdin;
  • Thirty-four years after the success of the Karate Kid trilogy, “Daniel Larusso” and “Johnny Lawrence” meet again in the Netflix series “Cobra Kai”.

We are entering a period of “boom” in the consumption of products full of emotion and nostalgia. Like retro/vintage clothing, toys and games from the past, comfort foods associated with childhood, a renaissance in music, TV and movies from the 1980s and 1990s.

TREND 2 – CONTENT & COMMUNITY:  User-created content is king

More and more brands are realizing the value of user-generated content and taking steps to scale it. Real, rich, important communities are thriving on social media. Players are playing on Twitch; programmers are exchanging open source information on GitHub, and cyclists are riding on Peloton.

77% of people interviewed for an NYU Governance Lab report indicated that the most important group they are a part of is in the online world. So, according to a recent Squarespace survey, young people now find community life to be important and memorable, and 56% of young people also revealed that they are more influenced by community posts when doing something online than they were during pre-school periods. -pandemic. Celebrating user-generated content plays a huge role in connecting brands with their customers in an authentic and meaningful way.

TREND 3 – MIXED REALITY:  The future is hybrid as Digital Marketing trends for 2022

At the end of each year, augmented reality emerges as a forecast for the future, being one of the digital marketing trends for 2022. It can even be said that the pandemic has accelerated the trend, with brands being completely digital. In fact, McKinsey reports that both businesses and customers experienced five-year digital adoption progress in just eight weeks. “Hybrid” is the word of the year across industries. And both mixed and hybrid reality events generate a higher volume of online mentions over time, according to research by Brandwatch.

This mix between physical and digital will remain a digital marketing trend for 2022. In fact, Facebook, now renamed Meta, as a company created 10,000 new jobs in the European Union to build the metaverse. In addition, it also made its first investment in the metaverse – more than $50 million in research to ensure these products are developed responsibly.

Events are also becoming hybrids. A Forrester survey revealed that 58% of marketing leaders agree that “most major B2B marketing events will be hybrids within two years”. The shift to hybrid events reflects the change in participant behavior. That way, they have the ability to create truly transformative experiences.

TREND 4 – THE STRENGTH OF INFLUENCERS:  Influencing purchasing decisions

According to eMarketer, sales through digital platforms – Facebook , Instagram , TikTok , Youtube , Twitter, among others – in the US increased by 35.8% in 2021. In addition, Brazil and Mexico should also reach indices considerable adherence to “social commerce”. With 38.7% and 30.9% of digital buyers making at least one purchase via social media, respectively. Also Check descargar videos de pinterest

One aspect of “social commerce” that will gain traction in digital marketing trends for 20222 is influencer marketing. Since this group helps to reach a wider audience and build brand awareness, it influences the purchasing decisions of your target customers and improves brand loyalty and trust.

The meteoric rise in popularity of apps like TikTok and Twitch also shows the potential to trigger partnerships with influencers. Therefore, the prediction is that 2022 will see the impact of influencers reaching the bottom of the funnel and helping with quantifiable conversions.

In addition, Mark Zuckerberg himself announced in July 2021 billionaire remuneration for influencers in 2022 – the owner of Facebook and Instagram is eyeing content creators who attract users to their platforms. As such, the company will distribute the resources through shared ad revenue and bonuses for time spent on Facebook and Instagram. In some cases, it will offer funding to content creators who commit to establishing a presence on both networks.

TREND 5 – SILENT NICHE:  Small communities, big results

One of the latest digital marketing trends for 2022 is BookTok, TikTok’s book community has over 20 billion views and has helped bookstores with an increase in sales. Just to give you an idea, the hashtag #BookTok has over 24 billion views.

This is a bigger sign of the importance of not just short-lived entertainment like TikToks, but also subcultures and communities. Also, some users are moving to create niche communities where they can communicate with people with similar interests. As such, these communities give users a sense of belonging. Niche communities exist on larger platforms – through your Slack channels, groups, and even smaller social networks.

One of the digital marketing trends for 2022 will definitely be users migrating to smaller communities and forming subcultures. That’s why many brands are also targeting niche communities in their digital marketing efforts.

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