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Which Storage Jar Will I Need And How Do I Get Them To Fit?

Anyone who is on Pinterest and Instagram will be familiar with the beautifully organized pantry packed with matching shelves containers. They are beautifully organized and have consistent labels, without the need for a cardboard box or plastic bag to go around. We’re all in love with these images. However, it’s just one aspect.

What Is The Reason Anyone Would Want To Change The Packaging Of Food Items?

Why not simply place the boxes of cereal or pasta along with baking powder in the pantry shelves? One of the first things decanting food helps get rid of the mess.

Take a look around your pantry and you’ll notice that there’s not a single box or can that’s the exact dimensions. Therefore, neat stacking isn’t feasible. There are also packages (e.g. cornflakes) with a bag inside its cardboard package. This is an unnecessary waste of space!

The Overview

Let’s stick with the case of the corn flakes packaging. Who hasn’t been in the position of returning from a shopping spree and discovering only a tiny amount of corn flakes inside the packaging the next day? If you pack them again in clear storage jars with lids you will always know what’s left.

More Shelf Life, And Less Bugs

Placing food items in airtight glass storage jars with lids prolongs the shelf life. Additionally, it helps you avoid unwanted guests, such as mealworms or moths that can chew through the paper bags. While decanting you can check what happens to the product when it comes from the store with vermin-infested (which does not happen very often) and then you can return the item immediately.

Easier Use

Decanting your food containers can help you track the quantity, but allows you to make use of the food items. Squeezing flour from containers is easier than using a bag that is also difficult to seal correctly.

The Most Efficient Container

There are three standards that storage containers need to fulfill: They must be clear, tightly closed, and make the best use of the cabinet space

1.   Why Is It Important To Be Transparent?

In transparent glass storage jars with lids, it is easy to be able to see the contents as well as the quantity of food. Simply cut the date for the best-before on the package and place it on the container using adhesive tape.

If the date is likely to be fast and you don’t wish to label any additional stickers then this is also helpful: Remove the lid of the package or bag label for the food and then simply place it on the top. Through the lid’s transparent cover you will be able to read the contents quickly.

If you label your containers on the sides because they are placed in a display for instance, you can simply move the label along the sides of the container wall to the inside. The food will automatically remain in the right place.

2.   Close The Gap

Keywords for food moths: Clearly the tighter your lid is, the greater the level of protection against insects. It also stops the moisture from entering and ensures that everything remains fresh and dry.

3.   Make The Most Of Your Cabinet

Large jars are often beautiful, but because of their shape don’t use space efficiently. Switching jars to square containers will help save around 20% of space. Furthermore, square containers are simpler to stack and mix with one another.

The most important question is: what storage containers do I need and which one is best suited to in what location?

Actually, this issue is very fascinating. When we purchase food items, they are usually measured in grams. The sizes of stainless steel pot are measured in Litres. What does this mean? Do I need to change my kilogram flour into liters? Are you sure it’s the same in the case of water, where 1 kilo is equal to one Litre?

However, it’s not that easy. Unfortunately, one kilo of flour doesn’t equal one Litre of volume. A kilogram of coffee beans occupies an entirely different space. Place the boxes that contain one-liter milk, one packet of flour (1 kilogram), and one kilogram of coffee beans in front of one another. This is the easiest method of observing the difference.

It Is Better To Purchase A Bit Larger

Consider the following: What do I need to move and what amount? If you only bake once per year and then store flour in a container then you will require smaller glass storage jars with lids than someone who bakes cakes two times per week. The tin needs to be twice the size so that you can store more.

One more thing to note to remember: We’ll keep the coffee recipe here. A 500g bag of ground coffee can have a capacity of 0.9 Litres. This means that a single packet could fit perfectly in a liter container.

But how would it look in actual use? The ideal scenario is that the coffee is bought at a time when the container isn’t fully empty. Therefore, there’s still leftover coffee in the can and the pack gets filled.

In the majority of cases, the new coffee will fit perfectly into the container. Don’t. Let’s face it There’s no way to tell, and therefore, there’s always a lingering piece of coffee in the bag of coffee, that then gets tossed around in the cupboard for several days.

I’m Unsure Of The Size

Flour is an excellent example of a food item that most manufacturers sell in a 1-kg size in the form of a paper bag. However, it is not limited to semolina: Anything from kilo bags to 300g cans is available.

In the event that the item is priced in kilograms or half-pound, pound or pounds (1000g 500g, 250g, or 1000g) and the food can be quickly weighed by a table and the right container can be identified. There are also products that do not conform to any system.

Comparing similar foods can also help as the cocoa powder has the same density as the flour, ginger, and nutmeg are identical to rice and lentils, and they can each be packed inside the size of a 1.5-liter container.

Plan Smart

If you’re planning to transfer your food items, you have to be looking closely not just at the things you would like to keep in glass storage jars with lids and how much you own as well as the space requirements you have. The first thing to consider is where the containers are placed?

It’s a drawer or cabinet. The first step is to look at the dimensions and then measure them precisely. After you’ve calculated the (length x width) and you are able to figure out the number of cans that can be put in the space in close proximity to one another.

This is fairly easy since the majority of LOFT cans are made with the same size base of 10 centimeters. It is possible to draw each can on a piece of square paper and calculate your requirements. However, be cautious not to draw too much! The tins feature an extremely protruding edge at the top; you should still be able to grasp him to pull him out.

A Second Suggestion:

Always leave a little space on the shelf or drawer to hold tiny food waste (that does not fit in the can, for instance) and to hold seasonal food items (e.g. in the Christmas baking) that don’t have their own containers.

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