10 best 10 best MMORPGs to play online

Following are the 10 best 10 best MMORPGs to play online in 2022


A free-to-play multiplayer RPG that’s unique in its name: here you’ll collect and develop battle pets – astells. Each of them will bring certain benefits on the battlefield: someone will protect the owner, the other will heal the allies, and the third will attack the enemies.

Combining the gameplay of classic MMORPGs and the mechanics of collecting creatures, Astellia offers an impressive variety of possibilities – from exploring the rich world and completing epic story campaign quests to participating in mass PvP, dungeon crawling and character leveling. You can play for free, and with the proper skill, you can win without investing a penny in the game.


New-old WoW, a separate client of the cult MMORPG, which brings back to the players the experience of the “vanilla” version of the project at the time of the release of The Burning Crusade add-on.

The retro edition of World of Warcraft is more hardcore than the current version of the game, with gameplay that is familiar to fans of raid bosses, dungeons and locations. At the same time, the game is made on an updated engine and looks quite modern, combining classic style and modern visuals.


A new MMORPG from the people behind Ultima Online and Shadowbane, a project that takes the best of the genre’s classics while keeping up with modern requirements like session gameplay.

In Crowfall, players will explore campaign worlds that span several months in cycles and offer everything from compact adventure to massive factional warfare.

In addition, gamers can develop their characters by pumping skills as they are used, and the voxel engine will provide ample opportunities to influence the game world. Crowfall provides unprecedented freedom, within which you can freely switch between classes and races, retaining certain skills, and create your own unique adventure in hundreds of worlds.



Dual Universe is an open world space MMORPG with free PvP. Here, the players are waiting for the painstaking work of reviving humanity, who moved to a distant galaxy after the destruction of the Earth and the solar system.

The developers of the project promise to give the colonists the opportunity to create their own destiny: build cities and starships, travel around the vast world, trade and fight, join alliances and act alone – in general, enjoy complete freedom of action . A unique feature of Dual Universe is the creation of giant spaceships , which would require an entire team of game users to operate.


This MMO was build by domestic developers – the Russian studio Juvty Worlds. Wild Terra 2: New Lands throws players into a fantasy medieval world that they will have to conquer with complete freedom of action.

The game offers to live on a single continent with other users – to develop a character, build, craft, hunt, fish, trade, learn professions, and so on. Or go to the Unknown Continents – new lands that are update every season. Here, players are give different conditions that will seriously challenge their survival skills .

Among other things, Wild Terra 2 has a lot of group activities, including raids, sieges, dungeons, tournaments and more, and the developers regularly arrange themed events and festivals


An updated version of the popular Ragnarok, in which the developers have made many changes compared to the original game: innovations await pets, homunculi, navigation, dungeons, interface and much more.

In addition, the game has unique content that was not in previous versions – these are new weapons, quests, events, achievements, and even a new class. Ragnarok: Transcendence may not be for everyone, but fans of the original Ragnarok looking for something new will be thrilled 3d racing games unblocked.

NEW WORLD (2021)

If the word “hype” had a gaming interpretation, then it would be MMORPG New World . Just think: almost at the start, more than 900 (!) thousand people played the sensational project from the newcomer Amazon, and in 2021 the game was second only to CS:GO by this figure.

What hides behind New World is not a revolutionary, but simply a charming game of the genre, the action of which takes place in the mid-1600s, in a fictional country in the likeness of America. The game has a very nice picture, but the gameplay turned out to be standard – by joining one of the three opposing factions, players will pump skills, beat monsters, complete quests and earn gold coins for all sorts of conveniences of virtual life.

MIR 4 (2021)

The free Asian creation would have remained popular in its own country, if not for one detail – the built-in NFT blockchain technology, which began to gain popularity at the end of 2021. In human language, this means that players can earn real money (or rather cryptocurrency) for what they do for free in other MMORPGs – farm resources and sell them.

Unfortunately, MIR 4 was flood with Chinese bots and cheaters, and it turn out to be not so easy to earn money, therefore, when playing, we recommend that you take this opportunity as a nice addition and focus on an atmospheric adventure in the Asian fantasy style, which will please you with a spectacular combat system and an impressive picture.


The authors of Book of Travels have invented a new genre – this is not an MMORPG, but a TMORPG (a small online game), which differs from other games on the list with soothing gameplay. There are no boring quests, wild farming, plot, hints and ultimate goal – you will go on a free journey through a huge and complex world where you have to survive, solve mysteries and write your own book of adventures.

The game also surprises with a non-standard three-dimensional perspective with a side view and charming, hand-drawn graphics.

LINEAGE W (2021)

Lineage W is a new isometric MMORPG set in the Lineage universe, set 150 years after the original. The authors decided to rethink the plot and the game world, rewriting them in the style of dark fantasy , so a rather gloomy adventure awaits you here. As for the gameplay, here is the good old “ruler”, but in a modern way.

Lineage W is aimed at the mobile market, but the racing games unblocked can also be played on PC using the official Purple emulator.

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