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Your Guide to Choosing Quality Doors for Your Home

In a house, the first impression is created by the doors of the house, and it is also the last thing people notice in your home. So it is very safe to assume that they are part of your home’s dignity. From the door, someone enters your home. The door creates the first impression for the rest of the house, the people create a memory of your home by capturing as much as possible, and the last thing they probably notice is your doors, so it matters how good the door is.

Moulded Doors

Moulded doors are the interior doors of your home. Moulded doors are made up of wood by-products that consist of hardboard or are pressed together on the face of the door to create the doors in different styles. They resemble the appearance of rail doors and traditional style doors. It is manufactured with a foam or particleboard core and then wraps the core with the exterior skin. Skin is made from fiberboard or hardboard. Some of the moulded doors are used for external purposes as exterior doors. In those doors, a skin of thermoplastic is used to protect the door from water and moisture from the outside.

They are available in the hollow core and solid core. The hollow core is light in weight, and they are not soundproof and comparatively are not durable, and are less expensive.

The solid core is more durable and has high installation charges as compared to the hollow core.

Advantages of Moulded Doors

  • The cost for the installation of the moulded doors is less, which makes them so popular in the market. Compared to the wooden doors, which are expensive but their life is long, if you are looking for a cheap alternative, you should go for the moulded doors to reduce the overall cost of the infrastructure.
  • They are available in different colours and designs. This gives you a large range of choices to select the door which suits your home’s environment the most or something that catches your eye. There are various options in the moulded doors to make the doors customised as you please.

Disadvantages of Moulded Doors

  • Their appearance is good and comes in various designs and colours, but the doors do not promise much durability. They are usually hollow from the inside.
  • Because the moulding plates are manufactured by hot and high pressure, this may cause the problem of thermal expansion, and when it gets cool, the pilates will become concave, which in turn creates problems in the body of the door.

Flush Doors

Flush Doors have a completely smooth surface that is made up of medium-density fiberboard or plywood. The doors have a simple plain surface on both sides, and are generally used for the interior of the home. The hollow parts are filled with hardwood which makes them durable. They are an excellent choice for bathroom doors, toilet doors, etc. They come in a very diverse range of prices, and the ranges are affordable. The solid core flush doors have better quality and long durability than the hollow core.

Advantages of Flush Doors

  • They come in attractive appearances. The simple design of the doors makes the door less expensive and very easy to manufacture also.
  • They are generally easily available in the markets; good stability ensures the body from any twisting of the doors; they have resistance from stains, scratches, and crashes.
  • Their maintenance is very low, and they can easily be clean because the doors have resistance.
  • They are generally used for interior purposes, but they can sometimes be used for external purposes as well.
  • Their quality is unaffected by humidity in the surrounding environment.

Disadvantages of Flush Doors

  • They come directly made from the factories because to get one according to the size of your choice is difficult to find.
  • They are generally used for the interior of the house. The reason for this is they are generally not made to face the direct sunlight and the rainwater. Some flush doors are made for external purposes, but they need special protection to make them resistant to sunlight and rainwater.
  • The solid core of the flush doors is too heavy, which creates its problem in transportation and installation of the doors.


Doors play an important role in creating the impression of your home. The first and obvious thing to notice is the doors. So it is important for you to choose a quality door for your home.

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