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A Guide to Planning Your Exteriors

The exterior of a house is the first area that we see in a house. It is a must that we pay focus on the exterior as much as on the interior. The interior of your house may be styled to the best, but if your exterior is worth looking at, then your efforts in making your house look beautiful will go wasted. The exterior not only makes your house look beautiful and attractive from the outside, but it also protects it from various factors.

The exterior is basically your exterior walls and the roof. Instead of just painting your walls with colour, you can go for a better option and choose wall cladding. Wall cladding is the process in which you apply material over your walls, like giving them another layer of skin to protect them. You can use aluminium, hardwood, brick, fibre cement, timber, vinyl, metal or natural stone for your wall cladding. It not only gives your walls a good look but also protects them from all sorts of damage and weather conditions.

Many companies are set up that do and give their best to offer you the best experience for your wall cladding. One such company is CenturyExteria. It provides a range of high-pressure laminate cladding for your exterior walls. They have a range of patterns, designs and shades for you to choose from and provide you with one of the best claddings for your exterior wall.

Why use exterior cladding?

Exterior cladding is preferred over the traditional wall paints because:

  • It gives strength and a long-term life to the exteriors of your building. The stronger are long-lived your walls are, the longer your house will last.
  • It not only gives strength to your exterior walls but also adds beauty and style to them. The more attractive your exterior walls are, the better and more beautiful your house will look.
  • It regulates the temperature of your house. Applying another layer to your walls on your exterior walls gives you a shield-like coverage. It keeps your house cooler, especially during summer.
  • Since it gives your house a cooler temperature, you eventually save the power energy inside the house with less usage of air conditioners. Save your house from getting hotter and save your money at the same time.

Features of CenturyExteria’s wall cladding

Exterior wall cladding by CenturyExteria has the following features:

  • 10 years warranty.
  • Bend resistant.
  • Double hardened quality.
  • Both sides are decorative.
  • Easy and rapid installation.
  • Highly resistant to UV.
  • Resistant to all sorts of impact.
  • Low-cost maintenance.


   1. Decorative papers: They offer the best quality of decorative papers. They do not compromise on the quality; hence there is no fading of colours irrespective of the weather conditions.

   2. Fire-retardant: Laminates for the exterior wall cladding are specially made retardant of fire to save from any damages that can be caused in case of a fire.

   3. Warranty: They give you a long period warranty of 10 years.

   4. Hardened resin: Century cladding panels are made with resin and are double hardened, which gives them a strength that is unmatchable.

   5. Perforation friendly: All of us want to select something that makes our house look beautiful and stunning. CenturyExteria provides us with an option of perforation friendly exterior wall cladding as some of you may prefer walls that are perforation friendly.

   6. Usage or virgin papers: Recycled papers makes the paper brittle, and hence the paper loses its strength and becomes less durable. CenturyExteria uses virgin papers in order to avoid such problems.


A good exterior wall cladding will not only make your house look beautiful from the outside but also safe and protect your house. Your decision to add cladding to the exterior wall of your house can and will benefit you in many ways. Choose the right option and make your house a protected and beautiful one.


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