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Why You Need a Floor Drain Strainer

If you’ve ever been in the basement of an older home, chances are you’ve smelled the unmistakable smell of raw sewage. This happens when sewer gas from your home’s sewer main leaks into your basement through cracks in the foundation walls or floor drain, then mixes with groundwater and comes up through the drain in your basement, usually near your washer and dryer. Installing a golvbrunnsgaller strainer can prevent this from happening to your home by trapping any debris or sediment from entering your floor drain, so there’s no water for sewer gas to leak up through.

Why do I need a floor drain strainer?

Your floor drain should be one of the first lines of defense against bad smells and sewer gases. Protect your home with floor drain grates and purus golvbrunnssil products from Premier Manufacturing. Our grates are designed to allow water to flow through easily, but trap large debris and stop animals from crawling in the opening. They come in various sizes and configurations to suit any residential or commercial application, including hole patterns that match many popular bathroom fixtures. The stainless steel construction is durable and resists corrosion, while our strainer inserts are made of rustproof brass for long-lasting performance. Whatever your needs, we can provide you with the best option on the market today!

Where can I install it?

Floor Drain Strainer

Purus makes floor drain grates for most residential drains, which are typically about 18 wide. These grates come in various heights to accommodate different floor levels, and they can be installed in any drain that has an opening of 8 or more.

How do I install it?

The floor drain is installed in the concrete slab, usually on the outside of the building. At least one inch of pipe needs to stick out for it to be properly installed. If you need to cut the pipe, use steel wool or wire mesh over the end and make sure it’s sealed with epoxy. When installing your floor drain in place, you’ll want to install your purus floor drain strainer before putting it all together so that you don’t accidentally lose track of it during installation.

What’s the difference between laundry strainers and kitchen strainers?

Most people think of the strainer in their sink when they hear the word strainer. However, strainers can also be used on floor drains to keep smells from coming up into your home. There are two main types of strainers–floor drain grates and purus floor drain strainers. Grates attach to the top of your drain and are usually made with metal or plastic. They often come in a variety of sizes so you can find one that fits your drain. Purus floor drain strainers attach right onto the end of your U-shaped pipe and are made out of stainless steel wire mesh. What’s more, these strainers have an opening that allows water to pass through and there is no need for you to take them off for use!

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