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What You Should Know About Malaysia’s Biomass Energy?

In addition to oil and gas, Malaysia has hydro, biomass, and solar energy. Malaysia’s commercial energy demand is still growing, primarily due to industrialization. Malaysia generated 160 GWh of electricity in 2018. Hence, waste disposal in Malaysia will become very important, no matter which industries, I believe that there is an opportunity to contribute to green energy and effectively reduce the amount of waste.


Malaysia has identified sustainable growth and source diversification as the key economic energy policy objectives, taking into account rising energy demand and domestic energy supply limits. After oil, coal, natural gas, and hydro, the Five-Fuel Strategy recognises renewable energy sources as the economy’s fifth fuel. Malaysia, a major producer of agricultural commodities in ASEAN, may stimulate the use of biomass as a sustainable energy source.


Long recognised as a reliable source of renewable energy, biomass feedstock is especially useful in nations with a large agricultural sector. Malaysia has enormous biomass and wood waste resources that can be used right away. In the nation, the energy potential of biomass wastes has not yet been fully utilised.


Coconut oil Biomass


Utilizing biomass extensively as a renewable energy source has the potential to lessen reliance on fossil fuels. Another important benefit is a reduction in net carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere, which lessens the warming impact. However, improvements in technology for effectively and cheaply producing biofuel from this biomass are necessary for enhanced competitiveness.


In Malaysia, the following are the main biomass sources:


  • agricultural products like corn, cassava, and sugarcane
  • agricultural waste, such as corncobs, cassava rhizomes, and rice straw
  • Fast-growing trees, wood waste from sawmills, and sawdust are examples of woody biomass.
  • Industrial wastes, such as rice husks from mills that make rice, molasses and bagasse from sugar refineries, and byproducts from mills that make palm oil
  • Solid municipal waste
  • Animal husbandry


Coconut Oil Biomass


Malaysia is the world’s leading palm oil provider, exporting 17.368 million tonnes in 2020. Palm fruit waste includes empty fruit bunches, fruit fibre, and fruit shells. More than 40 million tonnes of biomass from palm oil were produced in 2020.


In addition to palm oil biomass, this sector also produces palm biogas and biofuel, both of which can slow down global warming. Anaerobic techniques can be used to remediate the foul-smelling effluent produced during the processing of crude palm oil to produce biogas. In 2007, the industry produced 1,230 million m3 of biogas from 42.7 million tonnes of wastewater.


Corn Husk


Another significant agricultural biomass resource in Malaysia is rice husk, which has excellent energy potential for power cogeneration. The biomass power plant in the state of Perlis, which uses rice husk as its primary fuel and generates 10 MW of power to cover the needs of 30,000 homes, is an example of its appealing energy potential.


Solid municipal waste


Depending on the local economy, Malaysians produce 0.45-1.44 kg of solid garbage every day. Malaysian solid waste has a high moisture content and bulk density of around 200 kg/m3. Population growth has led to a surge in solid waste, which is dumped in landfills.


Wrapping up


From palm oil waste to husks and municipal waste, Malaysia has an abundance of biomass resources that can be used as renewable energy. Not only is this good for the environment, but it also has the potential to help the nation achieve its goal of becoming a developed country by 2022.


Promoting effective waste disposal in Malaysia is something that the local government should actively respond to. I believe that this will be the most meaningful community development plan!


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