What Is Jira And What Are Its Important Uses?


Project management may be expensive, time-consuming, and complex for many top organizations. As a result, JIRA is an excellent tool for task management and agile team management. It is one of the most popular open-source testing software solutions used globally by enterprises such as Spotify, Cisco, eBay, Square, and Airbnb. However, this tracking application helps manage, organize, and prioritize software and mobile app issues, bugs, features, and tasks. Thus, to have a deeper insight into this technology, it is necessary to have Jira Testing Online Training. Such training will help you with hands-on experience and assist candidates with high-paid jobs.

What do you mean by JIRA?

Atlassian’s JIRA is a software testing tool. It is a bug tracking tool that reports all issues with your software or mobile apps. However, JIRA took the name from the Japanese term “Gojira,” which signifies Godzilla. Moreover, the Jira tool supports the Agile framework. In addition, the current version of the Jira tool is 6.

Useful Aspects of Jira:

List down below are the crucial aspects that Jira offers to an organization.


The project aspect of Jira manages the errors effectively.


You can use this aspect to keep track and handle defects or issues.


This aspect processes the life cycle of an issue or defect. However, it assumes that we have a business need, we construct the technical design, and then we create the test cases based on such technical design. Thus, after building the test cases, coding is completed, and you can test the product. In addition, using Jira, you can create this design workflow.


This feature of the Jira tool helps to find with ease. Let’s say we completed a project in January, and its version is 1.0. Currently, we are on version 1.1, which we finished at the end of January. It means we are adding new versions to our action. Thus, with the help of Jira, we can find out what happened in past versions, how many problems there were in earlier projects, and what we learned from them.


When you log into Jira, a dashboard start showing on the screen. For many projects, you can develop multiple dashboards. You can even design a personal dashboard and add gadgets to it to keep track of the tasks and problems you are facing.

Uses of Jira:

You can use Jira for several reasons. These reasons include the following:

Plan, Track, and Work Faster:

It is a bug-tracking application primarily utilized to track, arrange, and prioritize issues. It has recently introduced features and enhancements for specific software versions. However, you can split projects into problems, which might include tasks for fixing bugs, adding new features, making improvements, and documenting work. Moreover, program developers should concentrate on the issues that still need to be resolved before the deadline as the software release date approaches. Additionally, the QA finds it challenging to keep track of the documentation’s progress, making it complex to keep track of everything. Thus, to address the above issues, JIRA is the best solution.

Organize the documentation tasks:

You can use this software to organize documentation work. It is handy for organizing several activities utilizing the component functionality, and you can even create your documentation. As a result, this allows you to develop a systematic method of documenting.

Track progress of documentation:

It is a valuable tool for tracking the status of our documentation. This application comprises significant features, such as a pie chart macro. Also, you may examine tasks such as Open tasks, Closed tasks, and Resolved tasks in the pie chart macro.

Assist in meeting the deadlines for Documentation release:

You may provide a precise due date or deadline for the documentation delivery, and you can customize the JIRA tool with notifications to ensure that you complete your documentation on time.


Finally, we have compiled the meaning and the uses of the Jira tool. It is a powerful bug-fixing tool that helps you recognize the error and take effective solutions to resolve them. Therefore, to have a deeper insight into the tool, it is necessary to have Jira Testing Training in Delhi. Such training will help the candidates to become proficient in this tool and assist them to get high-paying jobs.


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